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Elmer Has Silent Leader

MIDLAND, Mich. -- Midland (Mich.) High offensive tackle Steven Elmer helped his team dominate up front Friday night during a 66-0 win over Saginaw Arthur Hill. Midland got it going early in the game and held a 47-0 halftime lead.

Elmer plans to see the Spartans Saturday in South Bend and in EL October 15 for the Michigan game

PROSPECT: Steven Elmer

SCHOOL: Midland‘

POSITION: Offensive Tackle

CLASS: Junior

HEIGHT, WEIGHT: 6-foot-6, 300 lbs.


Elmer currently holds scholarship offers from Michigan State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Mississippi State, Wisconsin and Syracuse, and said he’s receiving additional interest from Alabama, Purdue, Miami (Fla.), Tennessee, Oregon, Stanford and UCLA.

Elmer plans to be in attendance when MSU plays Notre Dame Saturday in South Bend, and also plans to be at Wisconsin when it hosts Nebraska October 1. Then it’s off to East Lansing for the Michigan game October 15.
Spartan Tailgate caught up with Elmer after the game for the latest with his recruitment.

Michigan State: They pretty much have been wishing me good luck with my games and stuff like that. I’ve been keeping in contact with them. They like me and they are just letting me know that.

Michigan: I was down there for the Notre Dame game, so that was pretty sick. That is what is most recent with them. Other than that we talk on Facebook and stuff like that.

Notre Dame: Tomorrow will be the latest, other than that just talking to them through Facebook. Good stuff from them too.

Spartan Tailgate: Do you have an early leader?

SE: I would say that I have a leader right now, but I’m going to keep that for a surprise.

ST: What do you like about that program?

SE: All the programs are so good, it’s just finding the one that sticks out above and beyond everyone else.

ST: So early on, you have one school that is sticking out?
SE: Yes, definitely.

ST: As of now, when would you ideally like to make your commitment?

SE: Just however long it takes. Hopefully I can make it earlier.


Elmer is a dominant run-blocking tackle. Elmer led the way for five rushing touchdowns Friday, displaying an explosive jump off the ball and the ability to finish defenders. He also has the quickness to get to the second level, but was a little sloppy finishing a few blocks against linebackers.

“I like to bring confidence to the line, so that everyone knows they run behind me,” Elmer said. “I also love running over people.”

Despite his run—blocking ability, there’s no question Elmer’s biggest strength is in pass protection. Elmer never came close to giving up any sacks and gave his quarterback plenty of time to let routes develop downfield.

“Pass protection today was pretty easy,” Elmer said. “I feel that I’m worlds better than last year. I really haven’t had to use my full technique yet. Like, my speed rush and everything like that. When the time comes I’ll be ready.”

Elmer showed nice footwork throughout the game and always kept a large base to stay with the defender. Elmer also stood out when pulling from the right tackle position as a lead blocker. Midland scored twice on such plays, as Elmer paved the way for his running back.

“Pulling is one of my favorite things to do,” Elmer said. “You get going pretty fast and get around that edge.”

If there were one thing Elmer could work on it’s staying low and gaining leverage with consistency. Sometimes he’s too high when trying to wash down his opponent and would lose footing.

All around, Elmer showed why he is a four-star offensive tackle and will be a force at the next level. He played right tackle all game but will likely play left in college, and should move there his senior year.

Scherer’s take: After his trip to Ann Arbor Saturday, my gut tells me that Michigan is the early leader for Elmer’s services.

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