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Summers reaches out to teammates

EAST LANSING, Mich. – Durrell Summers knows what people are saying about him. Truth be told, judging from what he said after practice Thursday he doesn’t really care.

Izzo said he knows senior captain Durrell Summers is hurting after a particularly rough game Tuesday.

What does matter to Summers, however, is the opinion of his teammates. That’s why he addressed the team before practice to get a few things off his mind.

“I just pretty much let my teammates know that I have their back and they have mine,” Summers said. “That was pretty much all it was about and we just acknowledged we all needed each other.”

Teammates spoke about the meeting in generalities, while coach Tom Izzo wasn’t even there. Izzo did speak about Summers for quite a while following the senior captain’s abysmal showing at Ohio State Tuesday.

“Durrell’s hurting right now, which is a good thing. It’s sad, but it’s a good thing because it means that it matters,” Izzo said. “We all think we know what it’s like to walk in somebody’s shoes, whether you think you know what it’s like to walk in mine or if we think we know what it’s like to walk in a senior’s shoes who’s had fame, had some misfortune and what we talked about today is we can’t control you making shots.

“You’re no different than Respert and Smith and Skiles and all the others that were pretty much shooters. But you happen to have a gift that some of those other guys didn’t have. You’re athletic as hell, you can check, you can rebound, get to the line in other ways, you can score other ways. We have to deal with the things we can control - which is that - over a shot which we can’t control.”

Izzo’s absolutely right here, but these aren’t exactly new issues with Summers. What is new is the fact that he’s willing to talk about them with his teammates. He’s always been an introvert and has trouble asking for help. Maybe he needed to hear that his teammates are still willing to help.

“Of course you know he wants to win,” Draymond Green said. “Just a few things I felt needed to be said, but we’re gonna support him through his tough times. We’re here with him when he’s all good and helping the team and we’re gonna support him through these tough times as well.”

As for those not on the team, Summers was asked about the fact that he was a worldwide trend on Twitter following his 0-for-1 shooting performance against the Buckeyes.

“I don’t pay attention to that, I’m not even on Twitter,” Summers said. “I heard about it but I don’t let it affect me. I know what to do on this court and I know what hasn’t been going right and what has, but that’s what (fans) are supposed to do. Trend on twitter and try to say we should have done this and did that, but that’s why we’re wearing the jerseys and they’re wearing the Twitter badges or whatever.”

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