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10 days in Europe - Recommendations?

  • She's cute And looks like she enjoys sex. With that said, I'd hit Paris. You can just walk the streets with her and marvel at the beauty. There is so much to do. Normandy is beautiful. I'd hit Italy too.

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  • I have an obvious bias, but I'd say do Vienna/Austria. I've spent the last three years in Vienna and it is just a gem. It's close enough to Eastern Europe where you can make a day trip to Bratislava (actually a really nice place), or just relax and soak in the beautiful sites. Stift Melk is nice as well, Salzburg too. Austria isn't big but has a lot to offer and is relatively easy to get around in.

    Book it.

    These are my principles. If you don't like them, I have others.

  • The Budweiser photo just happened to be on my desktop. My favorite beer while traveling through the Czech Republic was Ferdinand. I didn't see it often but it was very good.

    As for the OP's question, ten days involving San Sebastian, Paris and Strasbourg would be a pretty good trip. Having said that, I preferred my trip through central and eastern Europe due to the history of the area.

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  • Check out the northeast coast towns in England. Whitley Bay, Hartlepool, South Shields, etc., even head down to Bridlington if you're feeling exotic. Beautiful towns, friendly people, great weather and amazing food.

  • Middlesbrough, Hull and Grimsby are also underrated tourist gems

  • For ten days, I'd recommend Italy.

    It so diverse regionally that you could work your way around the northern half and experience countless cultures, regional cuisines, terrains, histories, and so on. Food will be the best you've ever had wherever you go, the people are tremendously friendly, the wine (!), and an intensely romantic atmosphere coast to coast.

    Google image Cinque Terre. Go there for. 2-3 days and hike, relax, eat, and take in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Or class it up and go to Lake Como. Go to Venice for 2 days. Rome takes three days minimum to take in. Go to Florence for 2 days for great food, renaissance culture, and a wonderful, walkable city.

    Verona is an awesome renaissance city that is less touristy and -- I think -- the best kept secret in the region. Also close to Venice. I stayed at a 16th Century farmhouse converted to an agritourismo producing Amarone, Valpolicella, and Olive Oil.

    I did an 8-day trip recently, rented a car at Milan Airport, then did a loop of Verona, Florence and Tuscany, Lucca for a day (do it), skipped Pisa (worthless), Cinque Terre for three days (unforgettable), and Milan for a day.

    Skip Milan, but fly into it for decent rates and a good place to start a road trip. I wish I would have added that day to another in wine country.

    Buon viaggio! PM me if you need reccos.

  • My wife and I have done Europe for 10 days three years in a row. Here are my suggestions. I am a beer nerd so I can comment on that. Skip London because it is too damn expensive. Every woman loves Paris so that is a good start. On our honeymoon we started there then went to Brussels. Brussels is boring so I would suggest Bruges. My favorite city in the world and the beer is better than anywhere else. We also did Rome and Barcelona on the same trip. Both were a lot of fun. Look into flying between two cities because it will be cheaper than a train. I will also agree with those who say Scotland. We drove a round Scotland last fall. The island of Skye is the most picturesque place I have ever seen. The beer is good but drink scotch instead.

  • Aww, thanks Tanner. Means a lot to me

  • Bam! This is exactly what I was looking for. tWife actually mentioned Italy, but I had heard it was bad for crime (think it was a thread here). I realize shit can happen anywhere, but I came away with the impression that it was worse in Italy vs the rest of Europe.

    Did you rent a car and just drive? How did you book the hotels? I prefer to skip travel agents, and my go-to is Kayak.

  • See I think that's the wrong mentality to have. If you keep thinking all or nothing, you might never make it because life (and money) get in the way. I have a friend who has been dreaming of a 6-8 week trip to Europe since graduation. Meanwhile I've been three times for 7-10 days each. Plus some people (at least me) get drained being on vacation so long. My longest trip ever was 10 days and I'm always ready to go home by the end. That's just preference though.

    You're not going to see everything so pick one country or 2-3 cities and see everything you want to in those places. Our last trip was 3 nights each in London, Paris, and Amsterdam. We were never bored, quick train rides from place to place, and Delta flies direct to and from London and Amsterdam. If you go to Paris, stay in Montmartre. So romantic and much easier to forget you're in one of the most tourst-packed cities in the world.

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  • ok so here's my plan.

    I've been to germany before so this time I would like to try somewhere new. Most people say Paris isn't all its cracked up to be, but I still think I should see it.

    So Paris --> Belgium (based in Brussels but day trips to Ghent possibly elsewhere) ---> Amsterdam (with day trips to the windmills in Zaandijk and one to Utrecht)

    Another possibility would be

    Prague --> Vienna --> Munich --> Salzburg or Innsbruch --> Zurich


    Poland (Warsaw/Gdanks) --> Berlin --> Somewhere along the baltic coast in Germany --> Denmark


    Lisbon --> along the mediteranean coast

    But personally I have no desire to go to England/Ireland. Scotland maybe since my family was pretty big there, but I don't care about those two. Theres so much other cool stuff to see in Europe.

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  • Innsbruck is great too. And its not far from Switzerland and Munich and Prague. Even Innsbruck is just a few hours from Italy just to say you've "been to Italy"

  • If you are thinking 10 days, I would seriously consider going to one smaller sized town or less frequented area and one larger area that interests you. I think it is absolute absurdity to try and do London, Paris, Rome in 10 days. I wouldn't enjoy it.

    About 4 full days in each place will really allow you do to some things that you may otherwise skip due to time. You could to Munich (the beer is crazy good) and a couple of side trips. Then, hit up a small town in either Austria, Northern Italy, Switzerland, etc. and do some outdoors type stuff. You could do Rome and a Cinque Terre (awesome, by the way). Paris and a small town on the Riviera. Just don't go to all the stuff where you are crammed in with people from all over the world. Yeah, if you go to Rome you want to see the Colosseum, but make sure to try some local stuff.

    Also, don't go with a huge tour group. Be spontaneous and make plans yourself (or very little plans).

  • I've been to Europe around 20 times for business and pleasure. I've done the "summer backpack all through Europe" thing and I've done the "stayed only in one city for more than a week" thing. Each has it's own advantages and disadvantages. If you can give a little more information on what you guys want to get out of your trip, I'd be happy to give you my opinion.

    Consider the following questions:

    1) Do you want to go to a lot of places and just see the main highlights? or Do you want to go to fewer places and really take in as much as you can in those cities?
    2) Are you interested in doing a lot of sightseeing or spending more time relaxing (i.e. people watching at a cafe, just strolling around the city, laying on a beach, etc.)?
    3) How comfortable will you be in situations where the natives don't (or won't) speak English?

    If all you have is 10 days, i wouldn't try to city-hop to multiple countries. You'll waste too much of your time traveling between cities. You could do a decent London/Paris trip in that time. Fly to London, get acclimated to the time zone change in an English-speaking country. Spend several days sightseeing in downtown London (use the subway to get around), take one or two day trips outside the city (go with a day tour, don't bother with a car) to Stonehenge/Bath or Windsor Castle, or anything else that tickles your fancy. Then take the train from London to Paris through the tunnel and spend a few days in Paris proper. Fly home from Paris.

    Or Italy would be another good option. Fly to Rome and spend several days sightseeing. Pretty much everything you'd want to see in Rome is near each other, so you can see pretty much everything you'd want in just a few days. Take the train up to Florence for a couple of days (with a half-day side trip over to Pisa), then on to Venice for a couple of days. I know you mentioned a concern with crime in Italy. I've been to Italy three times and never had a problem. I think crime is more prevalent in southern Italy. Pickpocketing can be a problem, but that's true with any city you go to in Europe. You just need to make sure you protect your valuables when you are walking around.

    Above all, remember than anything anyone tells you or suggests here or elsewhere is just their opinion. Everyone's experiences (good or bad) was based on their own interests, expectations, and a lot of outside influences that will be different when you are there (i.e. a really good/bad guide, the weather, other people around you, etc.)

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  • We are planning one month in San Sebastián, Spain, in summer 2014, gonna rent an apartment for a month. My favorite place in Europe. You aren't far from Barça or Madrid or France. Beaches, mountains, great food, just the perfect place to me. Just my two cents.

    RCMB Premium Poster

  • I did Prague -> Berlin -> Munich last September. Prague is an awesome city. Not touristy, great beer, and hearty food. I love WWII history, so Berlin was a sightseeing dream. And then we finished in Munich while Oktoberfest was going on. Was a great trip.

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  • Lots of good ideas in this thread this morning. As this poster mentioned, it is all what you want to do. I've never been big on the "do everything at once" except for the one day we went around the world at Epcot :). I would probably stick with no more than 3 cities. If you like Europe, you can plan to come back and see other sites.

    As for safety:
    - Remember that you are a guest in their country, a polite attitude and smiles will go a long way
    - Pickpocketing/theft: Is all over in the major cities, trams, busses, etc. It is really no big deal if you stay alert. On trams, I've seen them try to go for baby diaper bags, front chest pockets on jean jackets, etc. Just a gruff "no" and stare down will get them off the tram at the next stop. In Italy, and other cities, groups of kids may wander around waving newspapers in your face to distract you while others pickpocket, again, hands on your pockets, a "no" should suffice.
    - My wallet always goes in my front pocket when I board the airplane leaving Detroit
    - Women should have a zippered purse, carrying across their shoulder, and hand on purse
    - If you have a backpack, those are easy to get into, put few valuables in there

    Rome -> Florence -> Venice is a good idea, although it may be pretty hot in Aug and Southern Europe tends to vacation in in Aug.
    - Note: Rome is a very busy city, an can be hectic, if you take this route, do rome first, then Florence and Venice which is much more relaxed

    London -> Paris : already discussed and would be good

    Beer Drinkers: Not sure if OP is from the Detroit area, but Delta/KLM have easy direct flights from DTW -> Amsterdam. Fly to Amsterdam for a few days, then take the train (or rent a car) and hit up some of the Belgian places for beer. In Addition to the stuff Amsterdam is "known" for, they also have some pretty good food and beer, it is a very walkable city and most people in AMS speak English (and dutch, french and german in many cases). This may take a little more planning, but you may be able to google "Beer tours" or something to set up a plan.

    Hikers ? Google "wanderweg holidays" - I haven't done this, and kinda pricey, but you plan a vacation hiking town to town in Switzerland or Austria and with one of the options, the tour company forwards your bags, so you have about a 7-10 mile hike though the mountains every day.

    Again, most importantly, it is a vacation, try to relax and have fun.

  • Great suggestion. We've lived in Germany a few times and the wife and I loved traveling to Vienna. Salzburg is very cool although not as much to do but well worth visiting. We have good friends in Bratislava and we enjoy visiting. It has improved immensely since our first visit in the early 90's.

    Back to the OP. The last time we lived in Germany we did a 10 "day" rail tour which was awesome but also exhausting. We took an overnight train to Rome, spent 2 days in Rome, up to Venice for 2 days, Salzburg for 2 days, Vienna for 2 days a day with our friends in Bratislava and then Prague for a day. With all the train time, etc. we really only had about a day in the bigger cities.

    If I were to do it again, I would just spend the time in Italy, mainly Rome, Venice and Florence. I had a course about Florence when I was at State which was awesome but still haven't gotten to visit there yet.

    I would not rent a car, just travel by train, public transportation and walking.

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  • Do they hank Yanks?

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  • Always spain for you. Always. Try venturing out brah

    Keeping the sunshiners in check since 2000.

  • I recently came back from a similar trip. Bruges -> Amsterdam -> Munich (Oktoberfest) -> Vienna -> Budapest -> Prague -> Berlin. It too was a great trip and the WWII and communist history made it much more interesting. Below are some friends we met at the Schützen-Festzelt beer tent.

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  • Rented a Fiat (all you need) through, because they had the best rate at the minute. Try that or Kayak. Hope you drive stick. I LOVED driving in Italy, but it's not for everyone. Lots of rules (ex. no driving in walled cities), lots of ballsout driving, and watch for radar signs on the highway. I "followed the flow of traffic" and came home to $400 in tickets sent from Mama Italia, complete with pictures of my license plate. Moral: drive like a law abiding citizen. You'll have great flexibility, can travel at your leisure, and the weekly rates aren't that bad. Plus, it's fun ! Go to AAA and get a temporary European license.

    Don't worry about the crime. Be smart! If you act like you've travelled before and stay on guard, you'll be fine.

    For Verona, stay at Musella Agriturismo. Google it. Plan on a wine tasting. My wife and I did, the proprietor Paolo opened 8-10 bottles for us and another couple, fed us a ton of cheeses, explained his wines, then said "go ahead and finish these and let yourselves out." Come on! That night, after a brief booze nap, we went downtown for an opera in an ancient coliseum. Yeah.

    For Cinque Terre, there's a cooperative of apartment rentals called A Casa Cinque Terre (Google it). We stayed in Manarola on a cliff overlooking the sea. Words cant describe. It ain't the Ritz Carlton, but staying in one of these moderately priced apartments immerses you in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. We had a large deck and were upstairs from extraordinary seafood and little shops to buy wine, bread, and cheese. We'd walk through vineyards and olive groves from town to town, then take a little train back.

  • Lucky guy for sure. I would go back to Europe in heartbeat and probably not come back. I had a blast the two years I was in Germany. I would do multiple countries if I were you.

    Start out east and move west or vice-versa. Starting eastern you could do the best beaches in the world in Croatia. Hit up Budapest or Bratislavia if you wanna check out eastern block. Prague is amazing and I would do that for sure. It isn't as quite eastern block as the two previous mentioned cities, but it definitely has it's parts. Munich was spot in Germany. Paris would be great for you and your wife as well. Also a little off the normal Europe trip, but Lisbon was fantastic. The city is kind of dirty, but there is so much to see and their local beer is great. I am jealous for sure.

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  • Wouldn't go in August, That's the "Holiday" month for all europeans. France literally shuts down for the entire month.

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