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B1G basketball. Is this the best ranking you've seen?

  • I can't tell you if you are actually this stupid or just pretending to be.

    Read this very carefully: MSU losing to Ohio State sealed the B10 championship for UM and OSU. They would not have gotten it if not for that. How are you exactly spinning this any other way? I don't care how many times you beat up on Minnesota and Nebraska to win "6 of last 7".

    MSU has been winning B10 championships for the better part of the past two decades. You can say we walked into the championship in 09 all you like; doesn't detract from our greater body of work. All UM has going for it the past two decades is the fluke championship from last year.

    I don't think you understand the definition of a strawman. Look that up please.

    I am using history as a predicting factor for UM's success. You are using results from a non-conference schedule and the season is only in December. You tell me who is making the more illogical of arguments?

    You can keep pumping up your chest and talking about all the top 100 recruits you are getting (NEWSFLASH: so are most other B10 programs) and bragging about your season success in December. Please remember the fallacy of all this when your team flunks out in March again. It takes a lot more than 1 fluke B10 championship in 20 years to pronounce your program as back and to proclaim the future as "very bright". That's a bet I'm more than willing to take lol

  • Read carefully: MSU wouldn't have been in that position had Michigan not lost to Purdue the week before. Essentially, you are saying that the only thing that matters is who lost last. You don't care that we beat up on Minnesota and Nebraska...but do you care that we beat Indiana, Wisconsin, OSU, and you guys earlier in the year? That is the reason we played those easy teams at the end - because earlier in the year we split with the other two teams we shared the B10 title with and played the toughest part of our schedule. I actually don't think we were nearly as talented as both teams we shared the title with, so what does that say about the coaching? I bet you were pretty sure Beilein wasn't going to win the B10 last year at this time, weren't you? Probably commented a couple times about how Beilein was nothing like Dantonio because he was never in a title hunt and hadn't won a B10 title whereas Dantonio had. But you're right, history is on your side. Beilein surely won't win ANOTHER title. Just impossible.

    Also, look at the point you made and see if it sounds ridiculous to you. You are saying that using past teams and past success from prior years to predict how Michigan will do this year is more logical than using games played this year by this team. If you want to write UM off, go for it. I am not one to say this team is an unstoppable juggernaut, but this team has the potential to be extremely good. You refusing to admit this is a very talented team just makes you look extremely uninformed about college basketball.

    Plus, it isn't very nice to your football team to declare that fluke seasons and only winning one B10 championship isn't enough to pronounce your program is back and to proclaim the future is bright.

  • I read carefully enough; it's just a stupid point and does nothing to negate what I just said. You can keep reaching for arguments but there is NO way around this one: your team NEEDED MSU to lose its best wing defender and fold at home against OSU after building a decent lead. There is no way around that one, sorry. As impressive as your bullshitting skills are, there's nothing.

    Well UM has two potential first round picks in Burke and Hardaway. MSU had no potential first round picks on the roster. UM had more top-end talent and MSU was deeper. YEt, MSU was the one with the #1 seed and that went to the Sweet 16 and UM fazed out in the first round to Ohio. How'd Beilein's coaching work out then for you?

    Again with the strawman. I do think UM is very talented; they have excellent guard play and formidable shooting. I also think their complete lack of quality depth and post-play will come to bite them. But you'll ignore that though, and keep spinning up arguments that you want to respond to. And you calling ME uninformed is rich; this coming from the guy who refuses to acknowledge anything positive about Keith Appling, going so far as to say that he thinks Trey Burke is his equal as a defender lol

    Football and basketball are different animals, and you know this very well. Beilein could do very well for 1-2 years and then have it all fall apart if it turns out that players like Burke, Hardaway, etc... don't come around anymore. Football, you build the program over many, many years. It looks like Dantonio is on his way to a very stable program; the same can't be said for Beilein just yet.

    Question: why do you care so much what we think? You are wasting an inordinate amount of time here arguing the most mundane of points. And they aren't very intelligent of points either; you are extremely repetitive, horribly biased, and make terrible arguments. I just can't waste any more time replying to this garbage.

  • So MSU folding consisted of 1 half of basketball, in which after you went on to win the B10 tournament? That is some amazing spinning. Keep telling yourself Michigan basketball is bad. We'll see how that works out. Also, keep telling yourself Appling is as good as Burke because he plays better defense. I'm sure that will work out for you also. And it isn't that I care what you think so much, I thought this was a place to talk about college basketball. I also thought you would actually understand basketball so we could have a rational discussion. MSU is supposed to be a basketball school, so I thought maybe you could see past your Michigan hatred enough to have a logical conversation. I brought up the Dantonio/Beilein comparison because you were predicting Michigan wouldn't win the B10 at this time last year, so I guess I should listen to you because you're so good at predicting the outcome of the B10.

    Also, we have better big men than we did last year and it didn't seem to hurt us too badly. Why will it be different this year? Is Morgan going to be facing a bunch of new amazing freshmen big men that he won't be able to handle, or did the 3 best big men in the B10 all head to the NBA?

  • It boggles my mind that you think that because MSU tanked at the end of the regular season, whereas Michigan surged, that somehow MSU's share of the championship is more legitimate than Michigan's. Really?

    Anyway, what is this "history of bowing out in March" that you speak of? Yes, we fell to a lesser seed in Ohio last year (who incidently proved in subsequent games that they should have been seeded far higher than they were). So if your view of history consists of one year, you are right. In our other tournament appearances we had under Beilein, we beat higher seeds in the first round and then battled elite teams to close losses in the second round. And we did it with extremely modest talent, far inferior to the teams we were playing.

    And using your "history as a predicting factor", you should probably note Beilein's success during tournament play while at West Virginia, shouldn't you?

    So given our infusion of talent relative to what it was at any other time in at least a decade, and Beilein's track record for success in March, what would possibly make you think we are poised to be upset in the tournament this year?

    I also find your total dismissal of non-conference play amusing as well, especially given that you want to put all the emphasis on how a past team with radically different personnel played, while not even paying any attention to what the current team has shown so far. You think THAT makes sense? It's not as though we've played nobody... we handily beat Top 25 NC State, and soon-to-be Top 25 Pittsburgh on a neutral (not really) court. And no one else has come remotely close to competing with us.

    All in all, a very poor effort with this post.

  • Can we please stop responding to the UM fans? Either that or someone rename the thread. Thanks.

    Anyone. Anyplace. Anytime.

  • How is it amazing? MSU was blowing OSU out of the water before Dawson went down. We had no one left to guard Buford. Buford hit the GW shot. The entire UM basketball team went berzerk watching from AA. There really isn't that much more to analyze from the situation.

    Again with the strawman. You're making me sound like a broken record. I have admitted, on several occasions, that I think they are equal college players at the moment, and that Burke is the better NBA prospect because he distributes better. What else would you like me to admit? You, OTOH, keep deferring to arguments you've concocted in your mind where I claim that D and rebounding from the PG position are more important than passing.

    Your discussions are stale, repetitive, and extremely biased. You bring little to the table. I'd be happy to discuss sports with you, or anybody from a different fanbase provided that they at least make an attempt to provide rational, thought-provoking, and somewhat objective points. You provide none.

    You lost in the 1st round of the tournament last year. Obviously didn't work out too well.

  • Sorry, this is my last one. Their fans are insufferable now. And having not watched basketball for the past 10 years, they do not know the sport at all. Oh well, we'll be the last team in MI standing in the tournament again and they'll crawl back into their holes.

  • They now have the November Naismith for Burke to go along with all Denard's September Heismans.

  • Funny coming from someone whose name is Denard4Heisman

  • And yet MSU was still named Team of the Decade of the 00's. I'll take team over individual recognition any day.

  • Funny coming from a trailer park within a 300 mile radius of a school that was involved in the largest "pay for players" scandal in NCAA basketball history.

  • and there it is, was only a matter of time lol

  • Turf

    so why do we have to put up with these types? that's what MBlowBlog is for isn't it? He can go hang out with his walmart pals over there.

  • 1. U of M has invested tens of millions in upgrading and renovating their basketball facilities. Crisler Arena is a state of the art building now.
    2. Beilein has demonstrated skill in identifying talent early.
    3. U of M is a good school with a good reputation. Players' parents like good schools with good reputations.
    4. U of M has become a perennial tournament team and has a conference championship.
    5. Beilein is putting players into the NBA (Harris, Morris)
    6. Beilein is a good coach and the meme that he runs a gimmick offense is overblown.

    John Beilein sits on the NCAA Ethics Committee, there's no shenanigans going on in Ann Arbor anymore. I know it sucks that there are cracks starting to show in Izzo's perch at the top of the conference, but seriously, did everybody here think a school of U of M's reputation was going to be bad forever?