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Cart before Horse- Gator Bowl opponent

  • Bender

    You should stop with the coolaid...

    Nίκη για MSU

  • Near impossible for the SEC to only have 1 team in BCS game considering they have 6 teams in the top 10 of the rankings

    I also have no clue what the Peach bowl is, but if Clemson wins out, they will be a BCS bowl

  • Btothejizer

    France can handle big slow DEs. Clowney is big fast and strong, I'd guess 3 sacks in the first 2 series before we have to triple team him. I'll take Miss St please.

  • Those bastards would do that. I would be happy with MSU vs. MSU. Really don't want to see USC and Clowney, like others have said. Seems that Alabama, UGA, LSU, and Florida will wind up in some combination of 2 BCS Bowls, Citrus and Outback. Also, LSU vs Michigan in the Les Miles bowl? Hope it isn't Florida and Michigan, since Florida can't win against the State of Michigan.

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  • Yea, there's a 0.0% the SEC has 1 BCS team.

    Let's just say Bama and LSU make BCS Bowls. UGA would go to the Cap 1, A&M to the Cotton (Unless Texas is in it), UF to the Outback (have fun with that Wisconsin). Chick Fil-a Bowl picks next, and I'd assuming they'd take South Carolina.

    Gator picks 6th, which means the 7th SEC team gets slotted there; looks like Miss State. They've got Arky and Old Miss, so very well could be 9-3 and should be ranked (currently the #3 "also receiving votes" team).

    Cart's definitely before the horse, but speculation never hurt anyone.

    Michigan State does not and will not run the 3-4 defense.

  • CockAtLaw

    6 teams right now. But UGA likely will lose to Bama in the SECCG and UF likely will lose to FSU (in my opinion). If USC beats Clemson, then that would leave A&M, LSU, and USC all with 2 losses and I don't know if any of those will move up significantly. USC will not be in a BCS bowl but we possibly could end the season 10-2. If we do, that means we beat Clemson and they don't go to a BCS bowl (I don't think they should go even if they do beat us because their schedule is an absolute joke).

    If Bama wins the SECCG, then they go to the Sugar. I suppose A&M or LSU may go to the Fiesta, but I don't know enough to know how likely that is.

    The Peach Bowl is the Chik-Fil-A bowl in Atlanta on New Years Eve night. It typically pairs number 5-7 in the SEC against number 2-3 in the ACC. If FSU doesn't win the ACCCG, then they likely go to the CFA bowl and UF won't. If Clemson goes to the CFA bowl, then USC won't. This is how one of these two teams may drop to the Gator.

    I don't know how likely it is, but if the SEC only gets 1 BCS bid, it could happen. UGA and UF, imo, both lose one more game. I don't know who A&M and LSU have left to play, but they could as well. USC still has Clemson, but even if we beat them, we don't have a chance of going to a BCS game.

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    You may run like Hayes, but you hit like $*!#

  • Well, here's the BCS right now:

    6 AQ + ND

    That leaves 3 spots. Big East ain't getting a second team, and the only way the Big 10 does is if UM wins out, but doesn't make the CCG and gets picked. Consider them out.

    That leaves the Pac-12, SEC, Big 12 and ACC fighting for 3 bids.

    The Pac-12 could cannibalize each other. If USC beats UCLA, the Bruins won't be eligible, and USC in turn could/should lose to Oregon in the Pac-12 CCG, if not to ND. They won't be ranked high enough. Projecting Oregon in the NC game means that Stanford and Oregon State both get hit with late-season losses; not sure if they can climb back in (Stanford is at #13 and Oregon State is at 16).

    Big 12 is assured of a spot; either OK or TX will get the 2nd one. Kansas State would have to lose to Baylor AND UT to not make a BCS bowl; that's unlikely.

    Really, it comes down to the SEC vs. ACC, specifically S. Car/UF vs. Clemson/FSU. Winners of those games have an inside track to an At-large, IMHO. I think S. Car is more likely to win than UF.

    Thing is, FSU may end up with the ACC's auto-bid anyways and Clemson is sitting at #11. They should beat NC State, but barring some crazy upsets in front of them, they aren't likely to move up past #9 after this weekend at best. An L would likely drop them out of the top 14.

    This post was edited by MalibuMan 20 months ago

    Michigan State does not and will not run the 3-4 defense.

  • All the upvotes for posters who slam our team and our chances anywhere for the rest of this

    Has EVERYBODY just mailed it in for this season? I'm sure glad the team doesn't have the attitude of it's fans.

    Unreal. frustrated

    This post was edited by Sponge Worthy 20 months ago

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    There is romance in all of us

  • I'd rather play Spurrier.

  • You know what? I was leaning that way after the heart-breakers to Iowa and UM. Thought the team just wouldn't have it in them to go on the road and win in Madison.

    That game showed me that this team has a lot more mental toughness than the fanbase (myself included). Quite frankly they played well enough to win against Nebraska (and in all their Ls aside from ND) and a similar effort should yield a W against Northwestern.

    Michigan State does not and will not run the 3-4 defense.

  • Thanks for some support, Rocky. This team is damn fun to watch and loaded with talent. It is amazing how differently things can go because of a couple stupid misses by the refs. The boys did good things against Nebraska. We moved the ball. We rushed the ball. We had multiple TFLs. We finally looked like the team we thought we had..and then the "breaks" by the refs..frustrated

    Fans ought to remember that and appreciate what these kids and coaches are doing out there..

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    There is romance in all of us

  • CockAtLaw

    That makes a lot of sense. It might depend on what bowl is available to fill those spots. For example, if Oregon does go to the NC, then that leaves an empty spot at the Rose Bowl. I would imagine they would rather have Stanford or ORST, than really anybody else. Maybe that makes Stanford a little more likely (probably not ORST since they will have to lose to UO for UO to be in the NC).

    ACC has had 2 BCS games before, last year Clemson and VaTech were both in. I suppose that could happen again.

    Don't be surprised if NCSU beats Clemson this weekend. NCSU always plays clemson tough and clemson's defense is awful. NCSU should score some points as long as Glennon doesn't forget he plays for the red team.

    This post was edited by CockAtLaw 20 months ago

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    You may run like Hayes, but you hit like $*!#

  • Hey, the SEC is the SEC right? At least that's what the pundits, Drew Sharp, and ESPN keep telling us. I, for one, would love an SEC opponent and the opportunity to win 2 straight against that conference.

    They are not unlike any other conference in college football. Their good teams are very good and often great, but there are only about 2-3 any given year that reach that level. Same as any other conference.

    "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." - Mark Dantonio.

  • IIRC, Rose picks first after losing its champ to the NC. Sounds like they'll take ND.

    With that in mind, I doubt another BCS bowl takes a Pac-12 team, just because their fanbases don't tend to travel well. Fiesta (assuming a K-state, Oregon NC game), would pick next; probably would take a Big XII team to replace K-State.


    Rose - Nebraska v. ND

    Fiesta - Oklahoma v.

    Orange - FSU v.

    Sugar - Bama v.

    NC - Oregon v. K-State

    Big East Champ almost always ends up in the Orange, so let's say Rutgers or Louisville vs. FSU is going to happen. Fiesta would take an SEC team over an ACC team, I think, maybe LSU. I think they want to avoid pairing A&M with a Big XII team.

    Bama would probably face . . . Clemson?

    Michigan State does not and will not run the 3-4 defense.

  • CockAtLaw

    No, we're going to beat clemson.

    I don't know so I'm asking, but if ND goes to the NC ahead of KSU, wouldn't that be more likely to put Stanford in the Rose Bowl, but you would still have 2 Big XII teams in KSU and OU?

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    You may run like Hayes, but you hit like $*!#

  • That's why I feel good against Northwestern. The OL played their best game of the year against Nebraska (238 yards rushing, 5.5 YPC for the team, 0 sacks given up . . . you really can't ask for better production or protection up front). That's against a Nebraska front 7 that came in ranked 12th in sacks (3/game) and 27th in TFL ( 7/game). MSU gave up 0 and 3 respectively.

    Northwestern is better against the run than Nebraska, but their pass rush isn't quite as fierce. The difference is the pass defenses. Nebraska ranks #2 in pass yardage D (164.4 yards/game) and 7th in Pass Eff. D (46.36% completion allowed #1 nationally, 12 TDs, 7 INTs) . Northwestern ranks 105th in yardage D (273.8 YPG given up) and 49th in pass eff. D (60.3% completion, 14TDs, 4 INTs).

    With that in mind, if MSU can just get some normal progression out of the OL, this could be the best offensive production we've seen in Big 10 play out of MSU. The run game doesn't need to be dominant, but if they can get 150-170 yards and around 4.5 YPC combined with much better production through the air, the Spartans could/should put up 30+ points tomorrow.

    Look at it this way, they put up 24 on Nebraska despite having the QB complete 33% of his passes and getting a pick-6 called back. I can't see them performing worse than that against a much weaker secondary.

    As far as motivation, you have SR day, fighting for a bowl and not going winless in the conference at home. What's Northwestern playing for? Better bowl seeding is really it. I expect them to play hard and it should be a pretty good game. Northwestern's O is legit, and I could actually see a bit of shoot out early, maybe a 17-14 game midway through the 2nd Q before the MSU D settles in completely.

    Michigan State does not and will not run the 3-4 defense.

  • You mean if KSU goes undefeated, but doesn't make the NC game?

    Probably; OK has 3 games left, including a ranked OK state team. They're #12 currently and should be moving up, especially if UF and Clemson drop down in front of them, and maybe the SEC CCG loser.

    Here's the other thing to consider. You need to be in the top 14 to be eligible, but that glut of SEC teams is going to make it hard for the other conferences to have eligible teams. If Clemson and Stanford drop out (and Oregon State remains outside the top 14), who are your top 14 teams?

    It'd be:

    Oregon, ND, KSU, Bama, UGA, UF (at #6, they won't drop all the way out of the top 14 even with a lose to FSU), A&M, LSU, S.Car . . . . that's 9 teams right there (not in order necessarily). FSU would make 10. Oklahama 11. Nebraska is sitting at 14, so they'll make it in the top 14 if they win out, so that makes Team #12.

    Conference Breakdown:

    Pac-12 - 1
    Independent - 1
    Big 10 - 1
    Big XII - 2
    ACC - 1
    SEC - 6

    The Pac-12, Big 10, Big XII, ACC and SEC auto Bids will come out of that group, plus ND leaving the remaining 3 options for an At Large to Be:

    Big XII - 1
    SEC - 5

    That Means the Final At Large Bid has to be in the Top 14 and NOT be a member of the Big XII or SEC

    Now look at the mix for the last 2 spots, with the problems for each:

    #13 Stanford Pac 12 - will likely lose to Oregon
    #11Clemson ACC - will likely lose to S. Car
    #15 Texas Big XII - could lose to KSU
    #16 Oregon State Pac -12 - should lose to Oregon
    #18USC Pac-12- if beats UCLA, could/should lose to ND and/or Oregon
    #17 UCLA Pac-12- if beats USC, should lose to Oregon
    #19 Louisville Big East - Maybe, but is an auto-bid
    #20 La.Tech WAC - Maybe
    #21 Michigan Big 10- should lose to tOSU
    #22 Rutgers Big East - winner of Rutgers/Ville ends up with the auto bid and won't be an At-Large
    #23 Texas Tech Big XII - probably will lose to OK State
    #24 OK State Big XII - probably will lose to OK

    Tough stretches for the back end of the top 25. The worst thing that can happen for the Bowls is for Louisville to finish in the top 14; that would mean that a non SEC or Big XII team would have to be #14 to be eligible . . . and if that's La. Tech, things are going to get insane because they aren't owed an auto bid by virtue of not finihisng higher than any of the AQ champs . . . though they'd be the ONLY eligible team.

    The real problem occurs if a Big XII team like UT beats KSU and ends up in the top 14. That would make 3 Big XII teams, 6 SEC teams, 1 Big 10, 1 ACC and 1 Pac-XII + ND in the top 13 . . . and #14 would probably end up being Louisville.

    Problem for the Pac-12 is that each of their remaining At Large options HAS to play Oregon if they suffer no more other Ls. Could a UCLA W over USC boost them high enough to where an Oregon L wouldn't hurt them? Maybe . . . but maybe not. CCG Losers rarely make BCS games.

    Just some food for thought.

    Michigan State does not and will not run the 3-4 defense.

  • Pylon St8ofmind

    Let's ignore that we completed a very low % bomb to Lippett and got at least 4 points out of the very weak roughing call on Nebraska when the guy was pushed into Maxwell. Yes, I FULLY agree we got fucked up and down the field the last 10 mins of that game by the zebras.

    This season just munches my taint. Nothing matters other than getting the bowl practice and potentially a bowl win, and those are such 'long term' things and shit that quite frankly a preseason top 10 shouldn't even begin to have to give a fuck about.

    If you beat Northwestern... so what it's "Just Northwestern" as Iowa fans know... and if you lose to them... CONE OF SHAME... Then we are in JLS era 'all in' with our Chips on a Senior Day on the road to even be a .500 team.

    Honestly... Going 0-4 at home in the B1G is inexcusable and not a single home game was a comfortable win. If this was happening in 2010 and not 2013 I would be calling for the staffs heads. And I'd be right. Iowa is garbage, you can't lose to a GARBAGE team at home.

    This post has been edited 2 times, most recently by Pylon St8ofmind 20 months ago

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  • Well, it's the reality of the situation. I think you'd be even more pissed if they tanked the last 2 games and ended up 5-7.

    Michigan State does not and will not run the 3-4 defense.

  • Pylon St8ofmind

    No shit.

    Piseed away 4th Q leads in all 3 B1G home losses.

    When is the D going to STEP UP in the 4th Q? The opponents TOP hasn't been high enough to justify the suck late in games... Also Narduzzi needs to stop being so conservative on opening and 'closing' drives.


    Is NU's other CB back that was out vs Michigan and the end of their UNL game?

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    Marriage is like flying with kids, if the flight had 500 connections, never ended, Ted Striker were your pilot and you ate the fish.

  • No word yet on VanHoose.

    Michigan State does not and will not run the 3-4 defense.

  • This makes me sad. Do we now have a generation of sports fans who don't even remember the traditional names of the bowl games, but can only identify them by their corporate sponsors?

  • Pylon St8ofmind

    It's the Chick Fillet Peach Bowl so I guess at least they kept the fruit in it.

    Marriage is like flying with kids, if the flight had 500 connections, never ended, Ted Striker were your pilot and you ate the fish.

  • You mean the number one rated D in the Big Ten?