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Every Deal With A Messy Roommate?

  • Holy shit. Remind me not to mess with you. Was that dude your friend, or some random person you met through an ad or whatever?

  • roflmaoI'm reading this as I had a pan sitting on the stove from a couple days ago. At least you inspired me to take care of it.
    Sophomore year I cared a lot, but we had a couple roommates who were worse at cleaning then others which in turn brought everybody down (can't clean dishes without any room in the sink to clean them in, etc.) Now, two years later it's pretty much become standard operating procedure. It will be dirty, we'll clean everything off the coffee table about twice a week, and by that night there will be several cups/bottles on it already. The biggest adjustment this year was I moved in with two guys who dip all the time, and if you do not dip it's gross. Initially, they thought it was cool to just shove some paper towel or napkins in a solo cup and spit in that. Now they at least spit in capped bottles, but it's still kind of nasty because there are always at least 2 or 3 on the table.

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  • As Thrillho stated I cleaned a lot but for me it gets to a point where I can't stand a messy place. The one thing I never touched was the bathroom. It was usually kitchen, dinning room, and living room.

    If I was cooking something for dinner that night instead of just standing there watching water boil, I would start working on dishes and load the dishwasher. Pretty easy to do IMO. As far as beer cans most of them were mine but at least I picked them up and put them in the box. I never really had a problem with Thrillo because he's a good roommate overall and not a douchebag like the other one we will call douchebag. In hindsight I should have been more of an asshole to Douchebag.

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    A man's gotta eat!

  • LoneWolfSparty

  • High Speed

    The simple solution is to clean it up. EVERYTHING. When they are digging through a dumpster to find their clothes, books, and schoolwork, flash drives, X-box discs ect. they will learn.

    "you should have been here when we cleaned" and:

    "I didn't know whose those were" and:

    It was so filthy it had mold on it, we threw it out"

    Trust me dude, it's the Nuclear option, and it works.

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  • I was the odd man out in this group as four of the guys were all friends from high school. I just happened to run into the one guy I knew in this group and he told me they were looking for a fifth roommate to share the cost of renting a house. I didn't have any skin in this game because I wasn't a friend before I moved in and I certainly wasn't one after he moved out. The three guys who stayed had a more difficult time because this was someone they had grown up with and didn't realize how much of a jerk he was. Those three were the ones that came up with the plan.

    What really set one of the guys off was that this slob went into his room and removed some things that he had stashed away to keep this guy from dirtying all the pots and pans. The guy had a pan that he was quite possesive of and wouldn't let anyone use it. He would bring the pan out when he would cook and then return it to his room after he cleaned up his mess. The night that we confronted this slob was when there literaly wasn't a clean pot or pan left in the house because he hadn't washed any of his dishes for several days. He knew about this one pan and went into his friends room to retrieve it. After using it he just added it to his already unwashed items in the sink. That was the straw that broke the camels back, because the owner of the pan came home that night, saw that the pan had been removed from his room and when he located it in the sink he confronted the guy immediately.

    Shamefully I must admit this was the most fun I ever had cleaning. We went out of our way to find things to clean using his clothes. I never saw they guy again after he came back for his things, but I know we ruined several articles of clothing.

  • Oh wow, yeah, that's just a whole new level of laziness. Leaving aside the violation of trust, it takes more effort to go into someone's room and get a pan they stashed away than it does to just clean one of the dirty ones yourself. But yeah, I would be livid if I was pan-guy, that shit is too far. Really hilarious that his girlfriend dumped him too, you should have banged her the night they broke up to really complete the ultimate revenge.

    In situations like that I always wonder what the guy tells his girlfriend. He's so clearly wrong that he must have just lied and said "I left ONE dish out for ONE day cause I had an exam and they just ruined my stuff! I always clean up after them!"

  • Lunchables

    Sounds like the dude was a bitch, but honestly I would have probably taken someone who did that to small claims court and grinned in their face while they wrote me a check for $150 for property damage... or enjoyed a fat heaping shit before moving out and then wiped my ass with a dress shirt of my choosing from your closet while you were in class.

    Sorry.. just can't get on board with the "put the dishes in his room or on his bed, etc." crowd. That's a bitch move. It's not a sorority. It's irritating to have dishes out, but if you have a dishwasher just put the three or four dishes in the dishwasher. Was the kid making a thanksgiving feast nightly? I got far more frustrated with the lack of cleaning up after parties.

    Also, if you go from living with these people in dorms to living with them in houses you should know better. They may be fun to bong beers with but when their dorm room looks like a North Vietnamese hut, it's probably not the best idea to keep up a residence with them.