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Ghost stories/Haunted Houses in Michigan

  • Trevor Barnes


    I've had quite a few but the most recent. When I stayed in Belgium I was in a VERY old house. Pre-WWII easily. And every so often my doorbell would ring. Now to go up is a narrrrrrrow staircase that goes to the attic/5th floor and from top you can see the street. One night in particular, the night I was supposed to leave for Paris, the bell rang at 5am. Kind of delerious, I woke up and thought someone wanted to go with me but rang too early. Well, it rang again and I went down, nobody. The next time it rang I looked out the window which was kinda dangerous since I leaned over the roof, nobody. It rang and rang, for two hours. I woke everyone in my building up and the one next to me which is where all the MSU people stayed, nothing. It didn't ring continuously, it just rang as I was on the verge of sleeping, as if to keep me awake. I know my circuits and I checked the board and whatnot, there was no water leaking or something to casue intermittent shorts. SCARY.

    Even more amazing was my dad telling me the story of how back in the day when he was a scientist he would let friends crash at his place. A few times one guy would wake up shouting and say he saw an old lady standing over them. Years later he happened upon a photo collection and recognized the old lady as my dad's grandmother.

    And this same grandmother had an ability to take his fever, i.e when my dad was sick she would sit with him and within an hour she'd have the fever while he was ok. And the grandpa could halt his heartbeat whenever so they were pretty into it in the occult stuff with lots of stories(when the grandma was sick, others in the family saw - this was back in the day!- firewood carry itself and set itself on fire and heat water), but that's just neat/creepy.

    There are a few in Lansing/MSU area I'm trying to learn more about, namely a house victim of a fire by south Lansing and all these Mayo/Aud rumours.

  • Trevor Barnes


    Ghost stories? Well, I have an odd one for you that has a strange twist.

    Last spring... 2003... I was contracted to do a historical preservation of a house in Macomb County. The task was quite odd. We were to completely dismantle the house "stick by stick", label everything, and ship it to California for reassembly there.

    Anyhow, this house was over 170 years old and had experienced a lot of things during it's tenure here in Michigan; floods, tornados, and personal tragedy among other things. We'd publicized this preservation effort through the newspapers and local channels. From that, we received a lot of attention from those that claimed to be extended family members of the previous occupants of the house.

    Some of these people would stop by and regale us with the events of the house as we strived to make things happen in a timely manner. We ended up hearing a lot of things about how this or that happened in the house, but never took much of that to heart. Never, until one foggy morning late in March.

    I arrived that day around 7:30 to get things set up for the day. I remember having a lot of fun getting to the site as the fog was quite bad that day. I rememeber the normal routine of establishing power to the house from the temporary service we had, pulliing out the tools that we'd packed away, and setting up the lights. Something seemed out of the ordinary though.

    When I unlocked the door, things seemed out of place from what I'd remembered from leaving the day before. We often times left the extension cords on the floor in the house and some of the non-power tools bundled up in a secure corner. These had all been moved about.

    Of course my immediate thought was that my business associate had stopped by the previous evening and had done some late night work on her own. This was not the case as I soon discovered. My next thought was that someone had trespassed onto the site and messed around with our equipment, but this was unlikely as the site was secured with a fence and the windows had been boarded over, none of which had been violated.

    As I milled about in the early morning hours, I saw something/someone moving in the main hallway near the front entrance. I freaked out! I thought that I'd run into an intruder and would have to defend myself. I looked directly at this "person" as they appeared to be gazing at me. I said, "who are you and what are you doing in here?" I got no response. Instead, this "person" turned and walked up the creaky staircase, making no noise as they did so.

    I paused for a brief moment, then I realized I was pretty miffed that this person didn't identify themselves. So I grabbed a wrecking bar and went upstairs in a huff. I walked the entire second floor, which at that point was bare-bones structural member... meaning no plaster to inhibit my view from room to room.

    There was no one there.

    I shuddered for a moment a the thought of knowing that people had died inthe house over the past 170+ years, and that the storied we'd been told of spirits lingering in the house may have been true.

    It took me a while to complse myself for work that day given what I'd seen. I told my associate what I'd seen, and she immediately left for the balance of the day.

    This is a true story.

  • Trevor Barnes


    The Stoddard Street Ghost. This is a two part story, with the first occurrence happening to me, and the second several weeks later to one of my roommates.

    I shared a house with four other guys that was located on Stoddard street between Albert and Frye. We all had experienced oddities when left alone in the house, but shrugged it off, thinking it was just one of us playing tricks on the other.

    One evening while sleeping in the upstairs bedroom, I awoke to the sound of labored breathing, as if some one was chocking. The sound seemed to be eminating from the outside. Figuring it was one of my roommates playing a joke on me, I slowly approached the window, expecting to catch the perpetrator standing on the roof outside my bedroom window. When I got to the window I could not see anyone standing on the roof, but the sound of the gasping breath was just as audible. I began to become angered so I opened up my bedroom door, and yelled loud enough to wake my four roommates, "Okay assho%es, stop with the games I want to get some sleep!"

    My four roommates emerged sleepy-eyed from their rooms, wondering what I was shouting about. I told them about the noise that could still be heard coming from my room. Hearing the noise, they all began to open the door to my closet, look out the window to see if there was anything on the roof that was causing the noise, and search the perimeter of the house. The noise finally stopped about an hour later, but none of us knew what it was.

    A couple of weeks later everyone in the house went home for the weekend, accept one roommate who had to work. He had stayed out late partying on Friday night before having to go into work early the next morning. He got off of work and headed back to the house to catch up on the sleep he had deprived his body the previous night. He phoned a friend he was supposed to meet later, and told him to stop by and wake him up around seven o'clock so that he could get ready to go to the bar. He would leave the front door unlocked so that the guy could get into the house.

    My roommate later would tell me what transpired that made him wonder about the weird sound he and the others had heard two weeks before. He had fallen asleep, and believes to have been sleeping for four or five hours when he heard the sound of the front screen door creek open and slam shut. Thinking it was his friend, and still tired, he didn't bother to check, and instead remained in bed. He could hear the sound of footsteps walking up the stairs, and when they reached the landing the footsteps continued towards his bedroom door. My roommate was still grogy when he heard his bedroom door open, and some one stepped in, approached the bed, and sat down on the corner of his mattress. Expecting to see his friend when he rolled over, there was no one there, but the impression of someone sitting on the corner of the mattress was clearly visible.

    My roommate was a bit freaked about what he had experienced, and after these two occurrences each of us in the house began to take notice of other things that were amiss

  • Trevor Barnes

    spartan dawg:

    What the hell - one story.

    I lived in an old house in Union City, MI that was built by the family who owned the local cement factory thing. They wanted to prove that you could make a beautiful house out of cement blocks. The couple loved the house dearly and the man, especially loved the terraced gardens in the backyard. (I know this stuff b/c of the old neighbor guy that lived next to us knew them). After they passed the house fell into disarray - renters allowed the backyard to grow up w/ weeds so you couldn't see the terraces. When we bought it my mother cleared out the back yard and began planting flowers, etc.

    Well, one night I came back from visiting my dad in the hospital - I left early b/c the Duke v. UNLV semi-final game was on (I think it was semi-finals at least). I got home just in time for tip off - so I only made it to the chair in front of the TV. I sat and watched the game and our dog laid in front of the door in the foyer out of my sight.

    At one point during the game I turned my head and looked at the back of the house (towards the door to the basement and the gardens) and saw a man, dressed all in black, with a black hat standing in the door. I wasn't afraid, I really just wondered what he was doing there. I moved nothing but my head. As soon as I turned my head back to watch the TV my dog came out from the foyer and began to bark at the doorway where I had seen the figure. She did that for several minutes, then laid at my feet for the rest of the night.

    I didn't tell anyone about this for a long time, but when I finally told my mom she said that my sister had reported seeing that same figure several times in the same areas - the back of the house.

    We moved shortly after that. Not entirely unrelated.

  • Trevor Barnes

    Roger Waymeth:

    My mother is a nurse at Sparrow Hospital and works the graveyard shift in the Women's Pavillion. one night she was standing with her head down at the front desk filling out paper work. she decided to check up on a patient and turned to enter the main walkway while she still had her head down finishing the paper work. Just as she started to take her first steps, she saw a woman in her hospital gown walking directly at her, so she stopped suddenly and looked up as to not run into the woman. But the woman, who my mother said looked as if she was in her fifties and had her hair in a bun, proceeded to walk right thru her.
    Just as that happened she felt a cold chill. Dumbfounded, my mother took a seat at the nearest chair and thought about what she had just experienced. She is not one to believe in ghost, but after what had just happened she had no other expalination than to believe it was a ghost.
    Over the course of the week she had asked other nurses if they had ever experienced any paranormal activity in the hospital and a number of them have said that many of the patients in her ward have. They said that many older women have complained to the nurses to have the little boy who keeps bouncing the ball in their room removed. Of course there was no little boy in their room.

    I also have a friend who's child (1.5 to 2.5 years old at the time) seems to be able to see ghosts.

    While being read a story at night, the girl stopped her mother in mid sentence and pointer to the rocking chair in her room and said "Momma, who is that?" The mother, kind of freaked out, asked who the child was talking about. the child again pointed to the rocking chair and asked "Who's that sitting in the chair."

    The same child was at her grandmother house and was being set down for a nap. she yelled to her grandmother who was in the other room. when her grandma got there the child said to her "She's stuck,"
    "Who's stuck?" her grandma responded.
    "The little girl. She's stuck in the cieling and she cant get out."
    Of course the grandmother didnt see anyone stuck in the ceiling, and the child refused to sleep in the bedroom for her afternoon nap.

    A year later, a baby boy was born into the family. One day his father was going to set him down for his nap, but his sister screemed out not to leave him alone upstairs.
    "Why?" her dad asked.
    "Daddy dont leave him by himself. They're going to get him."
    Completely freaked out because of all the other things his daughter has claimed to have seen, he kept his son with him and they slept on the living room couch.

    Also, this girl has claimed to see faces coming out of their walls on numerous occasions.

  • Trevor Barnes

    Pablo Fanque:

    I never experienced any of these things but about 15 friends and acquaintances, all of whom I trust and believe to be highly credible, confirmed the following story:

    A bunch of my friends from Bay City were at one of the guy's homes. I think they were in their late teens, early 20's. These guys decided to do the pendulum trick where you draw to axes w/"yes" and "no" written on the lines. you hang a pointy object from a string over the axes and ask questions. the object will swing over yes or no.

    the guys were doing this and the "ghost" that had stayed upstairs for years -- the guy and his family that had lived there just got used to it -- started walking around upstairs. someone decided to make smart-ass comments when the pendulum thing was going and the "ghost" upstairs started walking around quickly.

    i don't remember what exactly escalated the whole thing, maybe they started messing w/a ouja board or something. but the "ghost" got really pissed. all these guys could hear the footsteps quicken upstairs -- this is a 100 year old house w/wood floors and no one living/staying/visit the upstairs at least not at that particular evening. the walking turned to running. then the "ghost" ran from the upstairs, down the stairs and stood in the archway entrance to the lower level , where all these guys were hanging out. they all heard the footsteps stop right at the entry to the room but, of course, there was no living human being standing there.

    the "ghost" then ran upstairs, ran around, came back down stairs and stopped at the same spot. the ghost repeated this numerous times. a bunch of these guys ran into one of the bedrooms that was right next to the archway where the "ghost" would stop, and they tried to hide under the covers.

    my friend whose folks still live there says the "ghost" was there for years. the "ghost" left when his grandma, who had lived upstairs at some point, had died.

    there are other stories about this house and/or that ghost.

  • Trevor Barnes


    East Lansing - Fairchild Auditorium - There is a boy who roams the halls of the auditorium. Also, there have been stories of weird noises coming from the stage areas.

    East Lansing - Michigan State University - Holmes Hall - On the sixth floor of the west building, students have reported seeing a male figure enter the elevator. Immediately after the door closes it reopens, revealing an empty elevator. Appliances have also been known to come on by themselves.

    East Lansing - Michigan State University - Holmes Hall - West - On the 6th floor: two strange figures are sometimes seen once in a while at night after 3 AM. They are shadowy figures that simultaneously take both elevators and hold them. Then whispers of wind come from the elevators. Then they elevators close.

    East Lansing - Michigan State University - Mayo Hall - Strange presence felt in the basement corridor linking the two wings of the dormitory. Female figure seen in the west lounge, near the piano, said to be Mary Mayo herself. "Red Room" on fourth floor - allegedly used by students in quasi-Satanic rituals. From the third floor gable room, it is possible to see the window to the locked fourth floor.

    East Lansing - Michigan State University - Michigan State University Garden - Screaming heard and strange dark figures seen.

    East Lansing - Michigan State University - Physical Plant - In the basement of the Physical Plant in room 25, it is said an old man slaughtered 17 puppies. On cold nights and July Saturdays at noon, you can hear children crying.

    East Lansing - Michigan State University - Williams Hall - Incidents have included residents hearing noises coming from unoccupied rooms, computers turning on and off, seeing ghostly figures in the halls and dancing in the old cafeteria, night receptionists have reported the television in the main hall turning

  • Trevor Barnes

    GRR Spartan:

    Had a cousin died suddenly when he was 20. He had stayed home to work over the 4th of July weekend while the rest of his family had started a 2 week vacation at a cottage up north. His 22 year old sister joined the family for the weekend and when she came home she called my folks screaming, "Come to the house quick, Bob killed himself."

    The family doctor and police didn't call the death a suicide. I was staying at their house with his younger siblings two weeks later when I opened their basement door and saw my dead cousin laying at the bottom of the steps with his hand at his sides. I just slammed the door and said nothing but didn't go down to the basement.

    Later that same week I woke up just after sunrise and wandered down the hallway towards the kitchen and living room to see if my aunt and uncle were up yet. I heard movement and saw my deceased cousin sitting on a couch leaning over the coffee table appearing to be reading Scientific American that was opened. He looked up at me, smiled and went back to reading. He had subcribed to that magazine and no one else in the house ever read it. My aunt had burried them under other magazines so not to be reminded of her son. She didn't want anyone touching them or reading them.

    I saw him 2 or 3 more times upstairs, never in the basement. I told my folks about the seeing Bob and they both told me not to bring it up to my aunt and uncle to avoid upsetting them. About a year later I was fishing with my dad when he asked me about the basement incident. He got real serious and told me that I had exactly described the scene of how my cousin was found (my mother and father were the second people on the scene who got into the house before police). I had never been told the particulars of where he was found.

  • Trevor Barnes


    As for me, there were a whole BUNCH of stuff that happened to me while I lived in my old fraternity house. One night, as I was lying in my futon bed (remember the futon craze of the 90's??) which happened to be on the floor underneath my roommate's loft, I heard my roommate climb the stairs to the loft and get into his bed. Now, I could not see anything, as I had drapes that covered my little bed, but I could distinctly hear my roommate climb into bed and roll around in the bed--yes, the bed actually shook and moved.

    Well, my girlfriend at the time, who was dozing off besides me, asked me what that noise was, and I simply told her that it was Mark getting into bed for the evening.

    As I told her, the door to my room opened up, and yet another person climed into the same bed and began rolling around. Being a little curious, as I thought that Mark might have had a lady with him, I stuck my head out from under the drapes and asked him if he had company and if he wanted some privacy. He replied that he had no one with him, and asked me why I inquired. Well, I told him what my old lady and I just heard, and he said that he had just gotten into bed, and that no one was with him. Needless to say, we were all a bit freaked out.

    Another time, I was up very late in the main formal room of my fraternity house studying with a friend and talking. It was, if I remember correctly, around 5 am. Well, as we were talking, we both heard the old creaky door to the stairway open up, and heard someone walking in the foyer, which was the room next to the formal room. Because I was curious, I asked who was there, and the footsteps stopped and no one responded. So, I got up and looked in the foyer, and no one was there!! However, as I was looking, I saw a shadow of a person move on the wall as if that person was walking away; however, the footsteps ceased while this shadow "moved." This was a very distinct shadow, and, needless to say, it freaked me out pretty heavily.

    Man, you guys are all freaking me out with these stories!

  • Trevor Barnes


    While my brother was stationed in North Dakota (which in it's self is scary ) they lived in a house that was haunted. Turns out their entire subdivison was built on land that included Native American burial grounds.

    My niece was around three at the time taht they lived in the house and was always talking about "the man" who talked to her in her room. At first my brother and sister-in-law thought she was talking about an imaginary friend she made up until one night when my brother and sister-in-law were tucking my niece into bed. My niece sat up in bed, pointed at her bedroom door and said, "there's the man, he's going to close the door." As soon as she said that, the bedroom door slammed shut. Of course my brother and sister looked at my neice and said, "who closed the door?!" My neice replied, "I told you, the man closed the door. He doesn't want you in my room."

    Whenever my parents came to visit my brother in North Dakota, my mother insisted on sleeping in the extra bed in my niece's room so she could be "near the baby" at night. My mother said that she never got a decent night's sleep in that room because she would be woken up at least once a night by something shaking the bed, or felt someone sitting on the edge of the bed, or the rocking chair in the room would start rocking violently. Several times my niece woke up when these things would happen and tell my mom that "the man" was doing those things and he didn't want grandma in her bedroom.

    I also had a cousin who came to visit my brother, and she stayed in my niece's room. No one had told her about "the man." The first night she stayed in the room, she woke up everyone in the house, screaming at the top of her lungs that a man dressed all in black had been sitting in the rocking chair starting at her. My niece replied, "that's the man, he doesn't like other people in my room." My cousin refused to sleep in my niece's room after that.

  • Trevor Barnes


    I hate to admit it, but yes. And this is a long story. I apologize.

    My friend used to live in a house that was built over a) the site of an 1800's log cabin, and b) in a field by a river that was often home to Native Americans. Before I knew of the house's (or land's) history, I just knew that there was something about this house that totally creeped me out. I didn't even like walking between the house and driveway/parking area (about 30 yards) because although it was just a normal house along a dirt road in the country, it was totally creepy. Anyway, we used to write and record music in the studio we'd built in the basement, and occasionally some strange things would happen. There would be random power surges, the room would sometimes go very cold, even in the winter when the giant wood-burner was blazing behind us. There was all sorts of interference with our recording equipment and electronics, there were strange bangs and bumps and other odd noises. Sometimes we'd turn off the power strips that our equipment was plugged into, go upstairs and grab some food or take a break, only to return and find the power stips and equipment on and running.

    Anyway, my friend had a friend that was heavily into the Occult, and he had some books from her there one night. I was messing around, reading aloud some stuff from the books, when he got really weird with me. He told me to shut up, close the books and quit fooling around with all that. He said that he'd been told by his friend not to verbalize some of the incantations and such that were in the books without having the room properly set up for protection. I laughed it off, and we went back to writing. The strange thing happened when we took a break around 11:30pm.

    We were in his kitchen, standing by the stove eating chocolate cake when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It "ran" from the door to the basement, through the dining room, through the kitchen (behind me) and into the living room. It was always just on the edge of my peripheral vision, so I never got a clear look at it. At the time I thought it was his cat. I wheeled around to try to follow it, and he said, very nonchalontly, "Did you see that?" I asked if it was his cat and he said no, that it was just a shadow. Kind of like a dark gray blob that was floating about 6 inches off the ground. I asked him to describe the path it took and it was exactly where I'd seen it go. I knew then that we'd both seen something. I went over to the basement door, and sure enough, it was shut. We went downstairs and his cat was sleeping in the studio.

    We decided then that we must have seen some sort of energy form. He was certain that it was a ghost, but I was far more skeptical. So we conducted an experiment. We created a compass out of thread and a magnetized needle. It pointed due North no matter where we were in the house--until we crossed the path of our "blob." When we crossed the blob's path, the needle pointed in the direction that the blob went, until we reached a spot in the living room where the needle would just spin continuously counterclockwise. If we moved it out of that spot, it would rotate back the other way, but then would spin (fairly quickly) counterclockwise again as soon as we hit the spot. Strange thing is that it wouldn't ever stop and spin back the other way while it was over that spot.

    Late in the night after running out to gather our thoughts and get some Taco Bell (around 2:00 am), my friend suggested we make an Ouija board to try to communicate with it. I was like whatever. The books we had suggested that they're more effective if you build them yourself using materials that are special to you. We used a white board from our studio, but we made a mistake in the lettering of the board, so that there were 12 letters on top (A-L) and 14 on the bottom (M-Z). We sat on "the spot" cross-legged with our knees touching and the board resting across our laps. We used the needle-compass (no longer spinning counterclockwise) with each of us holding the string, and moved it in a figure-eight while asking questions. Almost immediately, the needle started to move away from due North and pointed to "Yes," "No," numbers, or various letters. Though our questions we learned that this was the spirit of a young boy (I forget which number was pointed to) who was lost and confused. We asked who he was looking for, and the needle started flipping between the A on the top line and the M on the bottom. It wouldn't stop if we were near those letters. I was saying "A-M-A-M-A-M-A..." and then it came to me that perhaps he was looking for his mama. As soon as I asked that question, the flipping between the letters stopped and the needle pointed directly to "YES."

    At that point I got up, told my friend I had to get the hell out of there and I left. Quickly. I've never liked being in that house since, but at least we knew who was messing with us.

    Interestingly enough, upon talking to his Occult friend, she strongly scolded us for what we did, because the manner in which we conducted our experiment (without the room laid out in "protective" fashion), we could have supposedly opened ourselves up to conversation with really bad deadish things. Needless to say, we never tried it again. We were pretty freaked.

  • Trevor Barnes


    Before I was born, my family lived in a house on on West Saginaw right next to the playground/parking lot of Holy Cross church. That house is nothing but bad luck for anyone who has ever lived there. While my family lived there, my father lost his job, there was a fire of undertermined origin that broke out in my parents bedroom one afternoon, and my mother had a major illness that required hospitalization while they lived there.

    There had been two families that lived in the house before my family and both families had a child who was killed by being hit by a car in the street in front of the house. After my parents moved out of the house, the next family to live in the house also had a child hit and killed by a car in front of that house.

    My mother always talked about doors opening and closing by themselves, especially the basement door which was hard to open. The door would open and slam shut two or three times in a row in the middle of the night.

    My oldest brother said he hated going down into the basement of the house because the lights would go on and off by themselves and he always felt like someone was standing behind him.

    My mother had her sewing room on the third floor of the house and the door that led up to the attic was in that room. My mom said she would be sewing at her sewing machine (she sat with her back to the attic door) and all of a sudden she would feel like someone was standing behind her and she would get really cold. Every time she would look around to see if someone was in the room with her, the door to the attic would be open and then slam shut.

    My dad who otherwise "poo poo'd" things about the paranormal, didn't like to talk about that house on W Saginaw, and whenever someone in the family would mention that house, all he would say is he was glad that the family had moved out of that place.


    I don't know the number of the house. The last time I drove by the house it was painted brown with white/tan trim. The house has a front porch. As I recall there is a lighting shop next door to the house and the parking lot for Holy Cross is on the other side of the house.
    My mom said one of the reasons they originally moved into the house was because my brother could roll out of bed in the morning and end up in his classroom at Holy Cross in one motion. She said she thought it would be convenient to be right next to the school. If I get a chance this weekend, I'll drive by the house and find out the house number.

    Another story about that house that was probably the freakiest thing of all: my second brother was about 2 when they lived in that house and my mom used to find him sitting in his crib carrying on a conversation as if he was talking to someone sitting in the rocking chair next to the crib. She always thought he was just talking to an imaginary friend and didn't think too much about it until my brother was older and brought it up to her again.

    One day when my brother was in his twenties he asked my mother if she remembered him sitting in his crib and talking to someone in the house on Saginaw. My mom said yes and my brother replied that he actually could see someone who would sit in the rocking chair next to his crib and ask him questions about the family. My brother described the entity as a man who had skin like a snake or lizard, with webbed hands. He said he wasn't afraid of the entity at the time, but thinking back on it now that he was older, it was like the entity was trying to gill my brother about the rest of the family. Very weird.

    This post was edited by Trevor Barnes 3 years ago

  • Trevor Barnes


    Good stories....while nothing of too weird has happened to me, here's one from my old roommate in Colorado. I'll try to keep it short.....

    One night he was showing his girlfriend and I his yearbook from where he went to high school in Arizona (he was winning a bet by proving that he grew up with the guys from the Gin Blossums...but I digress) and we came across this picture of someone in a really scary looking Grim Reaper costum on one of the pages. He goes on to tell us that the picture is of a kinda homely, loner girl that would dress up every year in that same custom. He said that everyone used to make fun of her, but especially one of the popular girls, Jill, used to rip her all the time.

    My buddy and Jill both end up going to ASU for college. By now, neither has seen or even thought about the Grim Reaper chick for a couple of years. One morning Jill comes into class and tells my buddy that she barely slept all night. She goes on to tell him that she woke up out of a dead sleep in the night to see the chick in the Grim Reaper custom standing over her at the end of her bed! She let out a huge scream and her parents came running in (she still lived at home at this point) of course to find nothing. She said that she is positive it was not a dream!

    Ready for the spooky buddy found out a few days later that the Grim Reaper chick had committed suicide in a different state that very night that Jill had the "dream". He said that this chick was really screwed up over this for years. He saw her at a class reunion years later and brought it up and she completely ignored him.

  • Trevor Barnes

    MSU Addict:

    I have never had any type of experience, and I remain a bit of a sceptic, but both my brother and sister (who I know to be sane, stable people) have stories.

    My Mom died it in late March. About a month after it was time to do the "spring forward" clock change. My brother goes to bed very early as he gets up at 4:30 am. He changed the alarm clock in the bedroom and my sister-in-law was supposed to change the other clocks. She was up reading a book and went to bed fairly late (around midnight) and in doing so woke up my brother. He asked her if she had switched the other clocks, and she said that she had forgot.

    Now awake my brother decided to go and switch the clocks around the house (if you know my brother this could not have waited until morning). He went in to my one niece’s room, switched her clock and then went to switch the clock in my other niece’s room. Hearing talking in the room, he assumed his wife had gone to switch that clock and he proceeded to make the rounds doing all the other clocks. He checked the second niece’s room on the way back noting the clock had been changed.

    He slipped back into bed and told his wife "thanks for changing Sam’s clock." She said "what do you mean, I didn’t switch her clock." My brother explained that he had heard talking in the room and assumed she had woken up Samantha while switching her clock. She was adamant that she had not been in the room so they got up to check it out. Samantha was fast asleep and the clock had definitely changed.

    The next morning Samantha said she had the weirdest dream that "grandma had come to visit her and she had switched her alarm clock." Samantha was very close to my mother as she was born on my Mom’s birthday and was her first grandchild.

    My sister has a different story. On the eve of buying their first house my sister says she was woken by the sound of keys rattling. She sat up in the bed, wondering what the heck was making the noise. She said she heard my mom’s voice saying "don’t do it Mary Anne, don’t do it." Confused, my sister replied "don’t do what?" My Mom then said in a very firm but annoyed tone "I am telling you don’t buy that house Mary Anne."

    She and her husband decided to heed the advice and did not buy the house. The bought a different one several days letter with no advice from my Mother either way.

    And here I always thought I was my Mom’s favorite. (Though I half expect her to make her presence known at my wedding next weekend.)

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    Bower's Harbor Inn is haunted. I worked there for a summer and heard all sorts of crazy stories. I bore witness to only one event (save doors locking and shelves inexplicably falling over). I was prep cooking late one night with a couple of chefs. We were the last to leave at maybe 1 a.m. One of the chefs left his wallet behind in the kitchen. We had to open the next day and would be the first people there in the morning so he decided to wait and get it the next morning. The next morning the wallet was gone. We looked everywhere for it and it was finally found in the upstairs women's bathroom (supposedly Genivieve's bathroom). Nothing was taken, but it was found open all of the credit cards and pictures were taken out of the wallet and arranged on the bathroom counter.

  • Trevor Barnes


    This one comes courtesy of an old roommate from MSU who grew up in Stoneham, MA.

    The house he lived in was built into the side of a hill, with a built-in garage also dug into the hill. You entered the house from the garage into a corridor that went into the basement family room. From the family room, there was a stairway up to the kitchen in the middle of the room. There was a door that led to a room under the stairs which they used as a mud room and coat room and for laundry. Across the hall from the laundry door was another door, big like a front door, and a picture window. Oddly, the window was boarded shut and covered with curtains. The door would not open. They thought that this used to be the front of the house and was boarded over at some point and the outside backfilled with dirt. They knew it was strange, but it didn't cause them any real concern. This part of the house, like many in the area, dates back to Colonial times.

    Ever since they moved in there, he claimed to have creepy feelings in the basement, and overall feelings of dread most of the time in that he spent in any of the older portion of the house. His friends, though, got a kick out of it and always wondered what was behind the window. One day, with his dad's permission, they decided to rip off the old door and remove the old window framing, to replace w/ drywall. When they peeled the wood away, the discovered that there was another stone and cinder wall built about 3 inches outside of the inner wall. The door, they realized, opened outward, and they could only push it the three inches before it hit the outer wall. So they left it as it was, put the boards back, and that was that.

    Anyway, Arthur's (that was my roommate's name) friends thought it would be cool to play with an Ouija board and hold a seance to try to contact any spirits that might be in the house. They got no response from the Ouija, but when they started the seance, the candles kept going out. Eventually, they had so many lit that the whole room was glowing and it took them an annoyingly long time to relight them when they went out. Just when they'd decided to quit, the dimming candles brightened and they heard the sound of a key in an old-fashioned door lock. They heard the tumblers click, which he thought was odd because their garage door had a modern lock. Then they heard the squealing of rusty hinges and they all looked the few feet down the hall where the door to "nowhere" was. They all supposedly saw the disembodied head and torso of an elderly male emerge from the door, look at them, smile, and continue into the laundry room. They naturally all froze, then turned and ran upstairs, turning on every light in the house along the way. When they went back to blow out the candles, they were already out.

    The next morning, they checked out the door and it was locked and nailed shut as always. That's all I know of the story because he transferred back to U-Mass and we lost touch. For some reason, that one still creeps me out....

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    My best friend's mom goes to see a psychic every other year. She lost her dad when she was 16 (he was trampled in the Detroit Riots back in the day) but she has always felt like she's had a great connection with him. About 20 years ago, when my best friend was just a kid, her mom and dad were turning in for the night. Her mom wasn't quite asleep yet, but she felt someone sit at the end of the bed and also smelled a scent of men's cologne that her dad used to wear. With her husband at her side, and my friend in bed, she thought it was an intruder. She freaked out, woke up my friends dad and couldn't sleep for the rest of the night. About 10 years later, she went to a psychic who told her her father was in the room with them. The psychic (not knowing what this meant), asked if she remembered the night at the old house where she woke up scared. She nodded. She said that her dad was in the room watching her sleep--he sat on her bed and that he didn't mean to frighten her.

    I've gone to see the same psychic a couple of times. Each time, she has struck a few chords with me, but I don't live my life exactly by what she says or have expectations. I've referred about 8 people to her so far and each person has been impressed with how close to home she hits.

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    greg stink:

    when i was little, a grandfather clock in my living room just started ticking again after it hadnt worked for about 10 years. it was just in the living room for looks. also, my mom saw a ghost this year. she is a nurse and works at sparrow hospital on the floor that used to be the floor that people went to when they were getting ready to die. the ghost she saw was a lady with a IV machine attached to her and she actually walked right through my mom and out the door. when she mentioned the ghost to the other nurses they told her that this kind of thing happens a lot on that floor.

    sorry i didnt realize that my brother(roger weymouth) had already posted the scary story about my mom seeing a ghost at sparrow hospital. his version is better than mine anyway......its 5:24 in the morning here in colorado and im sitting upstairs at the computer scared out of my fricking mind thinking that ghosts are looking in my window right now. thanks a lot for this scary ass thread. im just gonna sit here until the sun comes up because i dont feel like running to my bed, hoping that ghosts arent chasing me. yeah, im not going anywhere.

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    Okay, I finally decided to open this thread out of curiosity, since it keeps popping back up. I'll be the first to admit that I'm somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to this sort of thing, but I have a mysterious story that I can share...

    In high school, I was spending the night at my best friend's house. She lived in a very old Victorian house w/her grandparents and had mentioned on several occasions that she had seen ghostly images, smelled perfume, etc. Anyhow, on the night in question, we were upstairs hanging out and the only 2 people in the house. All of a sudden, the TV in the living room downstairs (which had been turned off) came on blaring at a deafening volume tuned to nothing but static. Odd, b/c they had cable so none of the channels should have been all static. But, I went downstairs and turned off the TV, then returned upstairs...being a skeptic about paranormal type stuff, I assumed there was some sort of timer on the TV that had accidentally been set to go off. About 15-20 minutes later, the same thing happened again. We turned off the TV, and returned upstairs only to have it happen again. It was starting to get a little annoying at this point, so we completely unplugged the TV.

    This is where it gets a little soon as we went back upstairs after unplugging the TV, the full blast static came on again. At that point, we got a little freaked out...I pushed the power button on the TV and it wouldn't turn off. We left the house entirely at that point. The skeptic in me still thinks there had to be a rational explanation for it, but one was in the house but us, so it couldn't have been some sort of practical joke. And I'm absolutely certain that we disconnected all power to the television, but it still came back on and I couldn't turn it off. Even though I want there to be a good explanation, I honestly can't think of one.

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    Rule Spartania:

    Not in Michigan, but the place I live is supposed to have several ghosts. There is said to be a female ghost that has been seen in the mirror in the ballroom. Another female in Victorian dress has been spotted on the main staircase -- this one is said to always have her hands around her throat. There is also supposed to be a male ghost who has been seen from outside the building, standing at the windows of the drawing room, looking out.

    I don't put a lot of stock in these things, but walking through the building in the dark when I come in from work can be a little bit creepy. Old buildings make a lot of miscellaneous noises, some of which sound like footsteps, etc. I admit, though, that it sometimes creeps me out when I take the dog out at night and he stops, looks down a corridor or at a door and growls. He's a big dopey Golden Retriever, so growling isn't really in his nature!

    There is a room across the hall from our apartment that is known as "Mrs. Taylor's Room." Nobody knows why it's called that or who this Mrs. Taylor is/was. Because my mother-in-law tends to stay in there when she visits and takes ghosts very seriously, I am tempted to tell her that I found out that Mrs. Taylor was a maid in the 1920's who was found hanging in that room.

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    Maize and Blue:

    I had a couple strange experiences at my mom's house when I was younger, I'm not sure if it was a ghost, but they still freaked me out. One night, I was in the basement all alone, and I remember being completely freaked out for no reason at all. It was almost like I could feel something else was in the room with me. So after a while of trying to calm down and telling myself there was nothing there, the TV in the other end of the basement turned on by itself. I've never been so freaked out in my entire life.

    Another time, I was on the phone with a friend one night. I'm talking to him while sitting in a chair, and I look over to the right where the door to the laundry room was, and there was my cat just sitting there staring at something in the dark laundry room. My cat's tail and hair were sticking up like it was scared, but it just sat there staring for the longest time. So now I'm getting freaked out and tell my friend about it, and if anything happens to me to call 911. I walk into the laundry room and turn on the light and there was nothing there. My cat has been alive 14 years and I have never seen it act like that before. Of course, it could be nothing, but still strange nonetheless.

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    My aunt and uncle live in a very old house in Massachusetts, built in the 1750s or 1760s. It's been in the family for years. They claim to have seen ghosts on a couple different occasions. One time my aunt was sitting in the living room and noticed something out of the corner of her eye. She looked toward the kitchen and saw an old man standing there. He looked at her and then walked away. She said it wasn't a frightening experience. Another time my uncle was in the cellar with his 2 year old nephew Jack. He was doing something on the workbench and noticed Jack looking toward the stairs for a while. He says "Hey Jack, what are you looking at?" Jack replies "The people." Uncle looks over and sees nothing. Another time my aunt was walking down the stairs from the upper level and saw a man's face in a picture frame. When she walked up to the picture, the face vanished. They've also said the cat sometimes stands at the top of the cellar stairs and acts all freaked out looking into the cellar.

    I don't believe in ghosts myself, but I don't think I'll ever spend a night in that house.

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    Well, I have nothing near as spooky/creepy/cool as some of the other posts here...but I have had a couple strange experiences.

    A friend of mine from back home (Spring Lake) grew up in a house that had some crazy things happen in it and I was there for a couple of them. There was a time that we were all hanging out in the living room(about 5 of us), there was a chess board set up in the corner on a small table. As I sat and talked with my friend we both started to notice one of the pieces "jiggle" and then move very slowly, suddenly it just flew off the table, landing about 5 feet away on the ground. No one else was near the table, not within 20 feet of it.

    Another time we were all hanging out by the pool, maybe about 10 of us this time. Everyone was accounted for and no one else was expected to show up(no one else did). The house is a u-shape wrapped around the pool. Her parents bedroom and the TV room were at the far end of the "U" from where we were lounging. I noticed that the TV room light turned on and mentioned it to my friend. She said, "I haven't been over there, have you? Has anyone?" Everyone said no. No volunteered to go turn it off, so we all just sat there. A couple minutes later, it turned off(everyone was still outside by the pool, including the dogs...which have been barking like mad for about 5 minutes now), then her parent's bedroom light turned on. We all sat there in silence(except the dogs) and continued to watch. Finally, the bedroom light turned off and we saw the flickering lights from the TV back in the TV room turn on and off for about another 5 minutes. We never saw any "shadows", "figures", or anything, but that was weeeeeird. We all finally had had enough and took all the lawnchairs to the driveway to hang out. Me= and scared ****less.

    We still joke about it (now) and never really felt like we were in "danger", but that stuff is just plain odd.

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    House of Ludington, Escanaba

    This is a very old hotel, Victorian style, in the UP. There's only 2 floors of rooms (the 2nd and 3rd floors), so it's not really big. We stayed there this past summer and had numerous "experiences" that were pretty odd. Normally, I'm not one for the "ghost" and "spirit" stuff, but I definitely had the feeling here.

    One of my friends said that in the middle of the night, he woke up and felt the presence of a person sit on the end of his bed - as in, he physically felt the mattress move. According to the owners of the hotel, that was the room where the previous owner of the hotel passed away.

    Another got into the shower and hung his boxers on the doorknob on the inside of the bathroom door. The door was open when he got into the shower. When he finished the shower, the door was closed, and his boxers were hanging on the outside doorknob.

    Two people decided to explore the basement of the hotel, which we were told had a bunch of old tunnels and stuff. As they got about 50 feet down a hallway, the lights inexplicably went out. They backtracked, and as they were leaving, the lights came back on. There had not been any other problem with the lights before or after that.

    Another person, staying in the top floor of rooms, woke up in the middle of the night on two consecutive nights to hear 4 distinct footsteps above his room. No less, no more - just 4 steps.

    There were also numerous occasions of "footsteps" outside in the hallway, only to find empty space when you looked.

    So, nothing was too monumental, but all together, it was enough to convince me that something was "present" there.