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Is this a real Detroit Catholic Central fan

  • I grew up in northern Michigan only thought private schools recruited. Back in my day, no "open" school districts. Became an A.D. in my early career in the Detroit suburbs. found out in a hurry that public school coaches were not clean on taking kids from other districts into theirs for specific reasons especially in basketball.

    That said, I'll say this about CC and De Lasalle as I know some coaches at both. Where they might have "recruited" before, they have a great reputation of producing good football players now. Because of that the school recruits itself. Parents with a decent 7th and 8th grader who perhaps will be good in football contact those coaches way more than they go out and contact kids. Can't tell you about tuition breaks or anything like that, but I do know that parents seek out the CC coaches and BR coaches quite a bit. Of course we all know the Frarmington Hills Harrison fiasco of them grabbing Mill Coleman and landing his dad a nice Promotion in the farmington area from State Farm. Now that might be considered recruiting the whole family.

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  • Rogue Leader said... (original post)

    wait, is someone denying that the private schools recruit? That's like denying that grass is green, it's common knowledge. When it starts to get hilarious is when schools have every advantage built in and still choke every year, heck Kurt Keener is pretty much the worst coach in the history of the game but he can attract talent so CD keeps him on. The same was/is true of Thomas Wilcher before they won it this year. Of course with Tommy Vento injured at FHH that helped a ton since FHH did things to Cass Tech that wouldn't fly in some prisons.

    Thomas did a good job with this team. He won a state title and a PSL title last year. This is only the second state title for the PSL.

    Cass had even more talent in the mid 70's and didn't win a PSL title.

  • Yeah, it's inconceivable that a DCC fan is a racist.

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  • Beardy

    DWags said... (original post)


    Honestly, I've seen it at the public school level, too, and if I were a Head Coach at a High School I would do the exact same thing.

    Melvindale's continued siphoning of athletes from Detroit Southwestern comes immediately to mind and I can't blame Melvindale one bit.

    West side public school recruiting: Rockford.

  • no An article about this letter is on the Huffpost now. Good national press for CC...

  • Public schools definitely recruit too. I know several people who were "reminded" by Dakota's coach that if you wanted to go there instead of CV there were ways it could work. Also, they had several kids from Ohio move up that would have lived in CV district, but had them go to Dakota as well as a kid from L'anse Creuse. All of this led to two state championships though, so I call it good coaching.

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  • OhioGMSpartan said... (original post)

    Like how Public Schools with more than 1 High School end up with all the good kids at a certain sport? Please, I grew up in Plymouth, and there were 2 High Schools. Somehow all the kids that play youth football ended up at Canton and all the kids that were competitive in Baseball ended up at Salem. Your next door neighbor could have gone to a different High School than you. Its like that in Cities all over. I can't defend some stuff in this thread, but the recruiting thing is jealously of the success of Private School teams and nothing more.

    Alot of this is based on money. When I was in high school CV-Dakota was split by Hall road. They then realigned the district, but all they really did was reassign the trailer park directly across 21 mile from Dakota so those kids went to CV. Dakota was the new it school, Macomb is wealthier then north Clinton Township, and they simply did away with the one exception to that rule by rigging the boundaries so those kids went to CV.

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  • Chilly said... (original post)

    Why? Because you went to CC? Has to be someone else right....that's just dumb.

    looking at the facts: Cass received a letter dated for Monday. It shows up online Tuesday when it supposedly came in the mail. Not sure how you get a letter in the mail thats not folded to fit in an envelope. If it was an email then someone at CT signed it. This is obviously fake simply by looking at the facts. Now whether or not someone is racist has nothing to do with them attending CC. Are teahers/students there racist? Maybe. Is it just as bad to assume all of CC is racist because an anonymous letter that obviously wasnt mailed and has no affiliation to CC besides the author attending the D1 championship game in which they were playing appears online? Probably. Im assuming from your post you didnt attend CC and at this point youre just as at fault in all of this. Stick to stuff you know as facts instead of generalized statements thumbsup
    /lock the thread

  • Don't know if the letter is real or not.

    Guess I don't understand why CT went straight to the media with it.

    Guess I would have gone to CC with it first.

    But that's not the point to me.

    Most of the kids at these schools are okay. A lot of the parents are idiots. They think sending their brat to these places is instant success for the kid. I guess it's perspective, of all the offspring of all the people I know, the biggest douchebag kid is at UDJ right now. And the dad of this shithead can't see anything wrong with what an asshole the kid is. Dad thinks kid is entitled, after a while message sinks in.

    But back to this screwed up letter, no doubt that a CC grad could do this, so could a Rice or OLSM, doubt a UDJ because their football team has sucked for so much and so long (with one short dash at respect)

    IOW, don't think it's fake, just a drunk letting liquor talk.

  • LA_Spartan

    Tree Rat said... (original post)

    Don't know if the letter is real or not.

    Guess I don't understand why CT went straight to the media with it.

    This. I don't know why Wilcher and CT went public with this right now. It has completely taken the focus off their championship and probably sucked the wind out of the school.

    Don't think -- it can only hurt the ballclub

  • This game is on Fox detroit right now. We know who did it!!! Ryan Field to drive ratings!

    Well I believe these two scenarios could be the person

    1. This person is real and signed it because they are a racist West michigan Tea party idiot. The letter reads like one from Mlive comment section. Sent the letter after watching Lowell or one of the other GR Area schools and stayed for Cass Tech.

    2. This is totally fake and was a motivation for off season weight training started by Cass Tech coachs. The D cordinator said to Stoney this morning that "he saw it pinned up in the weight room and posted it to his facebook, didnt think it would take off like that"