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Let's call it now - odds season ticket sales drop even 10%

  • This thread has pointed out some good arguments for using the resale market vs. continuing to purchase season tickets. For my $1332 (4 tickets)-including a 32% price increase this year , I suspect we can attend a couple games a year, by avoiding 3:30 and night games, we save the Hotel cost, plus the wear and tear on the car 200 Mi. each way and still end up with much of the $1332 in our pocket. When we started buying season tickets many years ago it wasn't always possible to get the games on TV- Thank you Big 10 Network. This year has left me feeling very cheated-I don't want to be in this same place next year. Basically the loss of the family plan pricing combined with an arrogant coach, a presumptuous AD and players (#2) leading a “wave” vs. focusing on the game leave me understanding that I don’t need this crap any longer

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  • I really think the mandatory seat donations may need to be scaled back a little bit. My seats are Section 20 Row 15 in the $100 a seat donation ($0 the previous year) area which is basically sideline in the endzone. Great seats when the action is at that end of the field, not so great when its at the other end.

    To really improve my seats I would need to move into the $300/seat area which would get me between the goal line and 20 yard line. For my 4 tickets that is an extra $800 a year which there is no damn way I can justify paying pretty much $100 a game per ticket with the horrible home schedules.