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MSU v Miami

  • Lunchables

    "77-78 Spartans weren't elite"
    "77-78 Spartans didn't go anywhere"
    "Quit making such a big deal out of one post"
    "Syracuse and Ohio State aren't elite programs"
    "Kentucky is on the same level as Vanderbilt"


  • I'm just tired of the constant sports disappointment this year. First the Spartan football team lays a giant egg, obviously. Then the Tigers completely flop when the lights are brightest. And now this shit??

    Bottom line, this game was on the bigs to win. And given that we have a senior captain there and a junior former 5-star recruit... they completely wilted under the pressure. Izzo ran EVERYTHING through the post. It was obvious what the game plan was: feed it down low and let the big men direct the game. Well, they did a horrible job. Nix couldn't score at all. Payne couldn't establish position. And Gauna and Costello are still playing timid.

    On top of that, the D was atrocious. We got killed on ball screens all night. We couldn't stay in front of Scott or their little PG who just blew by people. People act like hitting 3 point shots is miracle work; that a team gets lucky when they shoot so well against us. Well, vast majority of those shots were just wide open. We played lazy and it showed; D1 athletes hit those shots.

    On top of all that, it's quite depressing to see the bench players just not develop at all. Kearney is garbage and is scared handling the ball. Gauna can't do enough to earn PT. And Byrd is a fucking disaster right now and his career is quickly headed the Dahlman route. God knows Izzo is trying to get a shooter between Chris Allen, Maurice Joseph, Thornton, and now Byrd, but what will it really take for us to get a guy who can hit 40%?? Matta gets Diebler who was money from downtown. Wisconsin has a surplus of these guys. And Michigan fucking inserts a white boy freshman from Indiana (sound familiar?) who comes in and is money from Day 1. Dude puts up nearly 20 against NC State, no fucking problem.

    Hate to say it, but this season will get ugly. The B10 is loaded this year w/ offensive firepower and we don't have the guns to keep up or the toughness or D to slow them down. Indiana will probably blow us out of the gym with the way they are playing. Michigan too, they have a dynamic PG in Burke and big wings who can play inside and out. Illinois and Minnesota are both showing prowess as well. Hell, even Wisconsin has showed more offensive firepower than us thus far this season (although their D is atrocious). Luckily many of us are now numb from the football losses, so this basketball disappointment will likely sting a bit less lol .

  • I'm just glad I was out with the wife instead of watching the game what an ugly fucking loss this is.

  • Appling needs to try passing to the picker once in a while. Payne was open multiple times after setting the pick.

  • Me too. I wish they were better in November.