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Regarding Andrew Maxwell and SCum fans

  • I guess you could say I spend too much time analyzing all of MSU's opponents. It is easier for me to get an idea of how MSU will do if I understand the competition.

    As for Gardiner, though he does have a degree of mobility it is in no way comparable to Robinson's. He's not a Vince Young or Cam Newton type threat as a runner. I wouldn't even put him in the same category as Russel Wilson as far as being a running threat.

    I have mixed feelings about Gardiner's involvement this year and how much he'll spell Robinson. If the UM defense suffers a drop in productivity this year as I believe they will, then his involvement could greatly be curtailed as Hoke and Borges will be forced to keep Robinson on the field much like MSU had to do with Cousins this past season. UM will continue to employ offensive sets with both Robinson and Gardiner on the field at the same time, but that will only be to force defenses to respect Denard's presence and keep their focus on him.

    I disagree totally with your statement the the quarterback position is one of strength for the foreseeable future. Maybe my definition of strength is different than yours. I consider a position a strength when it has sufficient, talented depth, and where if the starter goes down the reserves play at or near the same high level. Two players doesn't constitute a position of strength especially when one player is a true freshman with zero experience. I wouldn't but MSU's QB situation this coming year as being a position of strength. Maxwell has limited experience even though he has multiple years in the program. Cook has no experience and one year of learning the MSU offense and O'Conner is a true freshman. That's a tenuous situation for MSU this year, much like it will be for UM in 2013. They'll have Gardiner, a senior and a true freshman in Morris. It will potentially be Gardiner's first year as a starter. He does have the advantage of playing time, but if he goes down they will be forced to rely on Morris, an inexperienced and untested QB.

    After Morris UM has no one of consequence. Even if Morris does prove to be the next great quarterback, UM will either have to sing multiple QB recruits in 2014 to insure that they'll have a backup. I could see UM going after a JUCO QB this year just to provide some measure of competition for Morris in 2013 and beyond.

  • UM has Russell Bellomy at QB too, I think.

  • Their 2012 recruiting class has them crowing. It's regular sentiment over there that MSU hasn't been recruiting well enough to maintain success and will soon fall back to mediocrity. According to them, our fall starts this next year... It's gonna be hilarious to watch them spin as we crush Boise into the dirt.

  • Serious question. Do you think there is any chance Hoke will permanently move Shoelace to WR this year? Everyone knows that is the only position he will start at in the NFL. Well, obviously RB and special teams too but that is the most likely one.

    Indiana did it for Antwaan Randle El who went on to play WR for the Steelers.

    Συν ται η επι ται! Syn tai e epi tai! Ή ταν ή επί τας! E tan i epi tas!

  • Denard will see time as a receiver this year just like he did last season when Borges put both he and Gardiner on the field at the same time with Gardiner playing QB. Other than those instances I don't expect Hoke to move his key offensive weapon to a position where he won't handle the ball 90% of the time like he does now. And strictly looking at him as a receiver, how imposing of a threat will he be? Put a physical DB on him who could give him a shot coming off the line and you neutralize his speed. Even if you put him in motion the tendency will be for the defense to spy him. So besides him getting a few receptions each game, and using him on occassional end arounds what advantage does UM gain by taking the ball out of his hands?

    El's switch to WR lasted all of one game his senior year. By game two he was back playing QB and remained there the rest of the year. True, Indiana didn't have the available talent surrounding him that Denard does at UM, but taking the ball out of the hands of your playmaker is a recipe for disaster.