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SCum thrashing Redhawks in CCHA Tourney Semi . . . .

  • Okay, Miami plays MSU in the Midwest Regional, Toledo. I'm sure this will be the start of something really big for the Redhawks.

  • hahaha enrico blasi isn't the as good of a coach as tom anastos or rick comley is? Rick comley ran this program to the point where we are now just happy to win a postseason series. the guy who is one of the winning-est coaches in hockey over the last 5 years isn't as good of a coach as a guy that's 2 years into his first real coaching gig and just finished dead last in the ccha? are you serious? you don't think Miami does off season physical conditioning together? you don't think Miami works it's ass off to get players to play there. Great coaches aren't born overnight, it takes some trials and tribulations to figure it all out. It took Jerry York quite a few years before BC was the power it is now and they choked many a time before they figured it all out.

    MSU isn't the dominant force it once was, there are a lot of other great options out there right now that are far better than MSU. If you really think an 18 year old kid wants to come to MSU because we dominated in the 90's you're crazy. The days of Mason are over and it's a distant thought to kids now. There's places with nicer facilities, better recent track records, better coaches and better situations than MSU currently has. Hopefully that changes but to say it's a mistake to go anywhere but MSU is just assinine and factually incorrect because there's at least 8-10 places that are better to go to than MSU right now.