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Top 5 Sports Moments of Your Time at MSU and Why?

  • 2006-2011

    1. 2009 NCAA tournament. Being there made it that much better (you'll see a theme here, shortly). Place was crazy and even the Friday afternoon practice session was packed. Great way to spend a Friday that should have been spent in class.

    2. 2007 Hockey National Championship. I'm a hockey player and fan, so this was huge for me. Even though I wasn't there, I watched with some buddies and went bonkers accordingly when Abs put the winner in.

    3. 2011 BTCG. Attended, and had an absolute blast despite the outcome. The whole spectacle was awesome (tailgating, bars, etc.) and I got to spend the day/game with my dad. That made it even sweeter.

    4. 2010 Little Giants/2011 Rockets. Two of the best finishes in Spartan (NCAA?) history, and I was there for both. Rockets is even sweeter for me because I was the only guy in my group of tickets that actually attended the game. All the rest were at our friend's (dry!) wedding. Suckers.

    5. 2007 Beating #1 Wisconsin at home. My first ever Spartan basketball game. I was sitting upper bowl Izzone thanks to a person down my dorm hall who couldn't go. Ended up going down to lower bowl with about 3 minutes to go, got onto the floor, and then randomly met my cousin (who I didn't even know was at the game) at center court. Kissed the court and enjoyed. Incredible.

    That's my top 5, but I've got a personal tie for 5. The 2006 ND game. NOT because of the outcome (obviously) but because of the atmosphere. That was the most fun irrespective of game outcome I've had at a football game. Night game, crazy fans, about 5th row in the stands, then it starts torrential downpouring and the place went even more nuts. The game sucked, as a result, but goddamn - that was hella fun.

    Also, I attended every Bowl game the team went to during my in-school years. Although we didn't win any of them, the whole package of events leading up to the game was something special. I spent all those bowl trips with my parents, too, making them even more special.

    Overall, I'd say I had a hell of a great 5 sports years during my time at MSU.

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  • Why? Can't a 70 year old be just as good of a Spartan, if not better?