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UPS over night delivery takes 4 days - any recourse?

  • Bullshit. They come up with any reason they can to deny a claim. I sent Next Day Air package to California and it was late. They are denying my claim over what they call a "Security Delay". I asked what that means and the operator did not know....said someone would call me back with the details before the end of the day. That was four days ago. I called again and was told the delay involved "police activity" on the driver's route and that voids the guarantee. Like I said..Bullshit. I'm disputing the $118 charge on my Amex (the method of payment on our account.)

  • There's a lot of missing information in this thread so I'm going to try clearing a few things up.

    (1) Not everything sold on Amazon is sold BY Amazon. Third-party retailers can have their products listed; they are the folks with non-standard shipping, and if the OP ordered through a third-party then this would explain a lot.

    (2) If you buy something directly from Amazon, and you have Amazon Prime, you get a two-day guarantee and really cheap overnight and Saturday upgrades. If and when an Amazon-shipped product doesn't arrive on time, contact them and they will absolutely make it right. Amazon's customer service is generally outstanding.

    (3) Your order may not come from the closest Amazon warehouse. Just because you have an Amazon warehouse within a few hundred miles doesn't necessarily mean an item will ship from there; if something isn't in stock at that location it will come from across the country.

    (4) Amazon Prime is awesome. I have ordered hundreds of packages over the last few years and have never had a single package arrive late. That includes a handful of overnight upgrades.

  • Can't argue with anything you said. My experience with Amazon has been freaky positive. I mean, I don't buy much from Malls or Department Stores anymore. Amazon is kick ass and then some. Not only are they rendering malls, department stores and big box stores obsolete they are also positioned to go after Costco and Sam's Club IMO.

    They can do it ALL cheaper and better by far. It frustrates by Mom and mother in law that I ask for gift cards for xmas but its the ONLY way to go. They discount all their merchandise so damn much after xmas it's unbelievable. LOVE shopping online.

  • What did you ship??

    Where do you live??

    The safety of our drivers comes before anything else

    4 states of being in the cannabis society ------------ 1. Square 2. Hip 3. Groovy 4. Cool ------------------ Which one are you??

  • boozhoo

    could not agree more. Prime is amazing. I've ordered stuff on a saturday night and received it Monday. And that's without the overnight upgrade. I had something delivered to the wrong address, called about 7pm when i saw that on the tracking info, and had a replacement by 10 the next morning. Frankly, it's amazing what they accomplish with the volume they do.

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