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You sure showed Arnett!

  • So you're telling me this guy, the number 8 WR in all the country shouldn't be able to play for a team that is 2-5 in a weak as B1G?? Get real. Tennessee has talent but lets not honestly compare the schedule Tennessee had to play to the one MSU had too. Tennessee had probably by far the hardest schedule in the $EC. DeAnthony Arnett Profile covers University of Michigan athletics including Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Hockey teams and Recruiting information.
  • because talent and recruiting ratings always translates into on field success.

    Tennessee was garbage regardless of what schedule they had to play, Dooley was overmatched as a coach (and a dipshit of a person), and the SEC East wasn't that good last year. And what the hell do the schedules the two teams have to play even matter when discussing Arnett's playing time.

    If Arnett had been in the system for two years, spending last year at MSU on a redshirt (he wouldn't have played over last year's WR) you might have a leg to stand on, but it takes time to learn the playbook and develop chemistry with the QB. Given the legitimate off the field concerns and distractions that he has it is understandable if he didn't immediately grasp the offense. Before his career is over, he will have success for MSU.

    Go Bears, Blackhawks, White Sox, and Pioneers. Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand

  • No that's not at all what I am telling you. He should be able to start on a B1G team... based off star power and hype. What I'm telling you is he HASN'T been able to based on performance in practice, system IQ, consistency and work ethic. Get real? That's ironic since you appear to be the one that is basing what "should be" on PERCEIVED ability and hype. Reality suggests something different, however.

    Sweet, you think Tenn's schedule is tougher than ours. I had vegetable soup for lunch. Neither have ANYTHING to do with what DeAnthony has shown MSU coaches since he's stepped foot in the Duff. Yeah, DeAnthony should start here because he started on a team that had a tougher schedule that MSU last season...nevermind that that team sucked balls, though. Lol. DeAnthony scandal theorists need to get real and stop appearing as if to insist that uninformed outside perception and theory has relevant bearing on the harsh realities of what is.

    You'd have to be one hell of great football mind IF you think you are more informed about DeAnthony's abilities and progression than does the Millionaire coach whose job it is to evaluate eligible players and field the most competitive team. Additionally, IF you think you have a greater vested interest in the success of this program than MD, then you've lost touch with reality completely. MD isn't refusing him more PT because DeAnthony forgot to say hi in the hallway this summer. He's not getting more PT because Mark has more confidence in the guys ahead of him, and that's really saying something because the guys ahead of him haven't been great.
    I think DeAnthony has the second most talent of the WR group. I also think he ranks about 5th in terms of skill. Talent only gets you so far, unless you're a talent like Chuck Rogers was here. Part of the problem with DeAnthony was that he thought he was a Chuck Rogers and some people here SEEM to think that too. Well, he's no Rogers, and he's still figuring out he has to work for his. Whether or not he will, is up to him.

    ***And BTW I'm not trying to strawman you and say you believe all those things I stated above, I'm saying I have heard that reasoning on this board from those who cry foul about the DeAnthony PT "scandal." I'm attacking that general reasoning and not you, nor am I trying to put all those words in your mouth. I apologize ahead of time if it comes off like that. Not intended.

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  • No that was arnez.

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