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Ranking The 2013 Football Commits (So Far)

  • Geiger could win the job.

    I've got a suspicion Jay Harris is going to surprise too. I love his game.

  • Gotcha. Makes sense.

    Although it seems unlikely that our staff would get 3 or 4 quarterbacks in the same game, especially since they've passed up opportunities to get the 2nd stringers into the game in past blowouts (as Rocky has pointed out several times).

  • The only blow-out game MSU had last season was vs. CMU and 3 QB's played in that game; Maxwell, Cook and Badinovac.

  • I didn't even remember that Badinovac played in that game.

    I was mostly referring to the year before. Rocky has pointed out that we could have better prepared ourselves for our inexperience on offense last year had we given young guys more reps in 2011. But the more I look at box scores, I think he was referring to the WR position mainly. It looks like we have played 3 quarterbacks in a few games over the past couple years.

    So basically just ignore my last post. I clearly didn't remember things correctly.

  • WRs and Maxwell. MSU blew out Iowa and Indiana in '11 and could have given Maxwell and Mumphery the entire 2nd half of both games to get some experience.

    Imagine if MSU had the Mumphery from the tOSU game forward from the beginning of 2012. Would have greatly helped the learning curve.

    To the guy earlier, yea, Jay Harris was brought in for a reason . . . but so was Kings. I think Kings gets the first look at KR, especially if Hill is taking most of the RB reps.

    Michigan State does not and will not run the 3-4 defense.

  • this would not bode well for the running game and offense as a whole.

  • Not saying that it's going to happen for the full year, but MSU has tried their #1 RB at KR a few times (Ringer in 08, Bell this year). The results have not been good. Therefore, if Hill's going to get a shot at the RB spot, he's not going to be the KR; that's why I made my statement about Kings/Harris getting a look there.

    I seriously doubt Hill is the full time RB starter next year, though he'll be a bigger part of the rotation.

    Michigan State does not and will not run the 3-4 defense.

  • Hills biggest issue IMHO is that he has very few yards after contact. Granted he is more of a speed back, but he has to be able to slip tackles or elude defenders. I think Tomkins might turn some heads in the Spring Game and get some reps at RB in early games this fall.

  • They'll be some surprise people that emerge next season. Always is.

  • Jandy

    Tompkins is a kid I'm extremely excited about. I hope he was able to put on some good weight while maintaining his speed, and that his blocking has improved. If those things happened, then he could quickly become the next in what has become a prestigious line of RB's.

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  • Seems like after this year, staff has certainly tried to put an emphasis on speed (in the last few recruiting classes, actually).

    Burbridge, Tompkins, Kings, J. Harris, Shelton, J. Williams, etc.

    If only the OL issues could get sorted out. I honestly think we're good at skill positions, despite the abortion of a passing game this year.

  • Good stuff CBD. A little surprised at the Geiger rating. MSU has played two true freshman kickers rather recently in Swenson & Rayner. Mixed success between those two but both were great weapons over their careers. If you could've combined Swenson's accuracy with Rayners power you'd have an nfl kicker for a decade and a 1/2.

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  • Just some notes about the Spartan commit's OV's last weekend. Here are who some of the commits Spartan hosts were during their visits :

    Damion Terry - Aaron Burbridge
    Demetrius Cooper - Lawrence Thomas
    Shane Jones - Taiwan Jones
    Gerald Holmes - Mark Myers
    Trey Kilgore - Monty Madaris
    Michael Geiger - Mike Sadler
    Dylan Chmura - Tyler O'Connor

    This post was edited by CoachedByDuffy 18 months ago

  • interesting pairings CBD and I see how and why they paired ALL of them except Holmes and Myers: Myers is the safety from Toledo correct? Haven't heard too much about him lately: what do he and Holmes have in common? Or do the coaches just pair them up based on personality? Just curious, no biggie.

  • Very unusual recruiting weekend with 17 commits and prospects on campus for OV's. The staff needed to provide 17 Spartan hosts for that weekend. They usually try to pair up players with recruits who they think have something in common. Also depends on who the staff thinks are good hosts and have the personality to make a recruit feel welcome. This is something the staff takes some time to decide on, not just a shotgun approach.
    Note : William Gholston was one of the best recruit hosts because of his personality and love for MSU. In fact, some recruits were absolutely in awe of him when they met him.

  • Def. sorry to see him go- seemed like the kid loved college and MSU

  • Here is how I rank the 2013 Football Commits so far.
    The Rankings are based on film analysis and evaluation and their potential to see the field and contribute early in their MSU careers. The exception is the QB position which is now ranked partly on talent level.

    LB Jon Reschke (6'-2", 225 lbs.) - Played DE for his HS team as a Soph and moved to MLB his Jr. year but also played some OLB as an edge pass rusher in passing situations. Is athleic enough that he could play all 3 LB positions at the next level because of his speed (ran a 4.6 forty at MSU's summer camp last year) but will begin his MSU career as a MLB. He is a tough, hard-nosed, throw back type of LB and plays with a non-stop motor and can pursue from sideline to sideline. He is an excellent tackler and has good defensive instincts. Just a good all-around athlete who also played TE for his HS team. He is a MSU legacy. His father Paul was an OT at MSU. If you look at Jon's film, he looks like he could be related to the Bulloughs. Smart and tough LB with a high football IQ. He will continue to grow as he matures. He may be red-shirted as a FR. to gain additional strength in a college level S & C program.

    CB Darian Hicks (5'-11", 173 lbs.) - He was Coach D's # 1 priority recruit at the CB position for the 2013 class. He is an excellent athlete and is a starting WR for his HS team as well as starting @ CB. He is a dynamic KO and Punt returner for his HS team and has the speed to break long returns. He has excellent ball skills, both as a DB and as a WR. He has a fluid back pedal and flexible hips to turn and run step-for-step with WR's. He has the potential to be the type of lock down corner that all college teams covet. He could contribute as a True Fr.
    Here are his Jr. highlights :

    RB R. J. Shelton (5'-11", 185 lbs.) - Fills a position of need in the 2013 class. He is a true breakaway threat as a RB with excellent speed (4.48 forty) and can take it to the house from anywhere on the field. He is a "quick twitch" athlete like Keshawn Martin and has that kind of big play ability to score any time. He can make cuts at full speed without losing a step (reminds me of former Spartan Eric Allen) and is really elusive in the open field. He has terrific acceleration when he begins his runs and can explode at the line of scrimmage and just blows past defenders. He has excellent vision and always seems to find a running lane whether he's running inside or breaking to the outside. He is not an upright runner and runs with good body lean and good balance and runs behind his pads. He can run with power and will lower his shoulder to take on tacklers if he has to. He is an excellent receiver out of the backfield with good hands and can make big plays in the passing game. He can also return KO's. Some have questioned the level of competition that he plays against. When you rush for over 2,000 yards, average almost 10 yards per carry and score 37 TD's; you were a dominant player against your competition, no matter what the level. That dominance vs. the opposition is what stood out to the Spartan staff. He has a chance to be a contributor as a true Fr.

    LB Shane Jones (6'-1", 216 lbs.) - The Cinci Moeller pipeline continues to flow ! Spartan fans are going to love this kid. He is a faster version of Greg Jones with the same type of defensive instincts and toughness as Greg. Shane plays all out, all the time and has a mean streak on the field but he is a great kid off the field and will represent the Spartan Nation very well and make everyone proud. He is an excellent tackler and never gives up in pursuit. For a young LB, he is good in pass coverage and has a nose for the ball. Pass coverage drops are one of the more difficult aspects of the game for LB's to learn and he seems to have the instincts to be in the right position in pass coverage. He is an excellent athlete and can play all 3 of the LB positions at the next level. With his speed and pass coverage ability, he will probably begin his MSU career @ STAR LB. He will arrive at MSU well coached from OH HS power, Cinci Moeller. Moeller HS plays in one of the top HS conferences in OH and Shane has excelled vs. top competition. He will probably be red-shirted to learn the defense.

    ATH Delton Williams (6'-2", 216 lbs.) Excellent overall athlete who projects to several postions at the next level; S, RB, WR or could possibly grow into an OLB. May not have elite speed but he has good speed (4.54 forty) and nobody catches him from behind on returns. Can be elusive in the open field and can also break tackles with his strength and has the toughness to fight for extra yards. He is an excellent receiver out of the backfield and shows a real feel for the passing game. Good tackler and big hitter on defense and never gives up on the play. He really shows excellent ball skills when the ball is in the air both on offense and defense. He may be red-shirted so the staff can evaluate what position fits him best but he is going to get a long look @ RB during fall camp.
    senior highlights :
    defensive highlights :

    S/ATH Jalyn Powell (6'-1", 185 lbs.) - He is the type of big, fast, versatile athlete that the MSU staff loves to coach. He played all over the field both on offense and defense for his HS team; S, CB, LB, WR, RB, Wildcat QB. Physically, he will remind you of his cousin, former Spartan Chris L. Rucker. He is an excellent tackler with good defensive instincts and he's a big time hitter. He shows good ball skills when the ball is in the air both as a DB and receiver. He can return KO's and punts and has big play ability and is a smooth, long strider with excellent speed. He will begin his MSU career as a S but could also project to CB at the next level.

    DE Demetrius Cooper (6'-5", 220 lbs.) - Fills a position of need in the 2013 class. He is athletic and is just starting to grow into his frame. Has the frame to get much bigger and stronger working with Coach Mannie and the S & C staff. Looks like a natural speed edge pass rusher with tremendous upside. Has the long arms needed to keep blockers away from his body. Also shows good defensive instincts playing the run as well. Has a quick first step which allows him to get a jump on OT's when he comes off the edge as a pass rusher. Missed most of his Jr. year in HS due to a knee injury. Had 17 sacks during his HS Soph. year. He will be red-shirted to gain additional size and strength.
    Jr. highlights :

    QB Damion Terry (6'-4", 212 lbs.) - Has great size for the QB position and could still continue to grow taller since he is still only 17 years old. He is more of a pass 1st, run 2nd QB, not a pure dual threat QB. He is a good athlete and can escape from the pocket when pressured and make plays with his legs and has the speed to make big plays on the perimeter of the defense. He has a strong arm and is an over the top passer who seldom gets passes batted down at the line of scrimmage. He needs to continue to work on his mechanics and footwork in the pocket since he often relies on his arm strength now to make plays but he has the tools to work with and will really benefit from college level coaching. Arm strength and speed are God given and good coaching will help him take advantage of those attributes. He has great upside and is just scratching the surface of his potential. He will be red-shirted.

    DB/ATH Justin Williams (6'-1", 180 lbs.) - Good athlete who projects to several positions at the next level; CB, S, RB + he is a dynamic KO returner. He has elite speed (4.45 forty, 10.5 100 M). He has good ball skills as a DB and is a good tackler who isn't afraid to come up in run support. As a RB, he has true breakaway speed and can accelerate to another gear when he clears the line of scrimmage. With his speed, he is a big play threat every time he touches the ball on KO returns. His HS plays against top competition in FL's highest class of HS football, 8A. Coach D doesn't like to use true fr. in the return game but Williams will get a chance to show what he can do returning KO's during Fall camp. He could also get a look @ RB during Fall camp because of his potential to make explosive plays in the running game. Likely to be red-shirted so the staff can evaluate which position fits him best but with his speed he has a chance to contribute somewhere as a True Fr.
    here are his SR. highlights :

    RB Gerald Holmes (6'-1", 205 lbs.) - He may not be a true breakaway threat but he has good speed for the RB position. He is a tough power runner with good balance and has pretty good vision. He makes some pretty good cuts and has some elusiveness in the open field. He can catch the ball out of the backfield and has pretty good hands. He runs "angry" and attacks defenders and punishes tacklers at the end of his runs. He is running behind an average HS OL and didn't have many big holes to run thru. He makes a lot of his yardage on his own. He will continue to grow bigger and stronger as he goes thru his Sr. year in HS and is still only 17 years old.
    here are his Soph. and Jr. (4 games) highlights.

    OT Dennis Finley (6'-7", 284 lbs.) - Fills a position of need for the 2013 class. Athletic for his size. Runs pretty well for a big kid. He can pull on sweeps and shows the ability to get out and block on bubble screens. He is a powerful blocker in the running game and can get to the 2nd level to take on defenders. He is a knee bender not a waist bender with good balance. He has good footwork in pass protection and has long arms to push pass rushers away from the QB. As he gets bigger, it will be a $10 cab ride for defenders to get around him. He plays OL with a mean streak and is a high motor kid. He played left OT as a Jr. but will play right OT this season. He appears to have the athleticism and footwork to play left OT at the next level. Like all young HS OL, he is still raw technique-wise but college level coaching will improve his technique. He definitely has the tools to work with. He will be red-shirted to gain additional size and strength and learn the nuances of playing OT at the B1G level.
    Note : Excellent addition for MSU, plus a breakthrough at Cass Tech.
    Jr. highlights :

    WR Jay Harris (5'-10.5", 172 lbs.) - Spartan fans are going to love this kid. He is a tough, fast, sturdy, compact runner who breaks a lot of tackles despite his size. He is elusive in the open field and he can shift gears and cut on a dime (reminds me a little of Eric Allen that way). He has excellent ball skills as a WR and can track down the deep ball when it's in the air. He is not afraid to go over the middle and make tough catches in traffic and he will fight for extra yardage. He is fearless as a KO and Punt Returner and can break long returns. He is a big play looking for a place to happen. He is already a fairly polished receiver. He may be red-shirted.

    WR Trey Kilgore (6'-2", 182 lbs.) - Tall, athletic, fast (4.5 forty) smooth striding WR in the Mark Dell mold. He can hit 2nd gear and blow past defenders. He is the best athlete on his HS team and played quite a bit @ QB as a Jr. for his HS team because his HS coach felt that gave his team the best chance of winning. Not sure how much he will play QB as a Sr. or how many reps he will get as a WR. With limited experience as a WR, he will benefit from college coaching to learn the nuances of being a WR at the next level but he has the potential to be a real deep threat and game changer. He does show good hands as a WR and can snatch the ball out of the air. He will be red-shirted.

    DT James Bodanis (6'-5.25", 303 lbs.) - He is a NT type prospect, a position that MSU was hoping to add in the 2013 class. Has a very powerful lower body and seldom gets knocked off his feet. Has developed a swim move and a spin move to go along with his bull rush to penetrate into the backfield. Seems to have been pretty well coached at Toronto. Runs well for a big man with a reported 4.9 forty and is a pretty good athlete. Is quick off the line of scrimmage for a player of his size. Doesn't need to gather himself before coming off the line of scrimmage like some big men and can explode at times. He plays with a high motor and is relentless in pursuit on plays away from him. Cannot play during the 2013 season due to NCAA transfer rules but can participate in all other team activities. Will have 2 years of eligibility beginning in 2014.
    Note : In the workout portion of his video he does a 48" Sitting Box Jump. This is difficult for many athletes, let alone someone of his size. Shows how much lower body and leg strength he has.

    DT Devyn Salmon (6'-2", 282 lbs.) - He could continue to grow since he is still only 17 years old. He can anchor at the point of attack and does show explosion and quickness off the line of scrimmage. He plays with a high motor and pursues on plays away from him. He has strong, quick hands and keeps blockers from getting their hands on him and doesn't allow them to get into his body. At times, he shows the ability to make himself smaller and slide sideways between blockers and penetrate into the opponent's backfield (something Jerel Worthy is very adept at). He is similar in size to Jerel at the same stage of development but not quite as athletic as Jerel was. He should eventually work into the interior DL rotation and who knows what college level coaching will bring out in him since he has only played football since he was a Soph. in HS. He will be red-shirted to gain strength and learn the techniques of playing DT at the college level.
    Here are his Jr. highlights.

    DT Noah Jones (6'-3.25", 277 lbs.) - Has a quick first step and can explode off the line of scrimmage and penetrate into the backfield. Plays with intensity and has a high motor. Stays in pursuit on plays away from him. Can anchor at the point of attack and hold the line of scrimmage. Looks very strong and can overpower and shed blockers. Has quickness and agility and is fairly athletic for his size. Will be red-shirted to gain additional size and strength and learn the techniques of playing DT at the next level.
    Here are his Sr. highlights :

    TE Dylan Chmura (6'-6", 225 lbs.) - MSU began recruiting him when he was a HS Soph. and stayed in contact with him even though he missed his Jr. season due to a knee injury. He has the frame to get much bigger and stronger working with Ken Mannie and the S & C staff. The MSU staff was impressed with his skill in blocking technique for a HS player, showing he knows how to use leverage and has good footwork. He has big hands and can snatch the ball out of the air. He is adept at running precise pass routes. He was the best TE prospect at MSU's Rising Stars Camp and stood out among a very solid group of TE prospects at this camp. He will be red-shirted.
    Note : This evaluation is based on his performance at MSU's camp.

    K Michael Geiger (5'-9.5", 176 lbs.) - Considered to be the #1 K in the nation. He has a very strong leg. Was the most consistent K at MSU's summer camp. Will probably red-shirt unless he shows he can handle the KO duties in 2013.

    Note : Many of these players are still only 17 years old, so they will continue to grow bigger and stronger throughout their HS careers

  • Thanks for the analysis. Outside of D.Terry, the defensive recruits look very intriguing. I think in 3 years you'll be hearing a lot of Cooper and Noah Jones, and "how did the rest of the world miss on these guys."

    p.s. -- will you be able to work on Trout for us? TIA

  • I think Powell ends up being our "sleeper" this year...

    I really like the Dline recruits... we've added a lot of depth there the last couple of years

    I'm also really hoping Finley can become a 3 year starter. That would be huge..