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This is your pulpit to preach to the masses about everything from politics to religion

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Turns out the Connecticut shooter was a vidiot!

  • Well. I fucked up.

    Keeping the sunshiners in check since 2000.

  • Good job posting what my instincts as a parent have always felt.

    Keeping the sunshiners in check since 2000.

  • Think of human males as existing on a continuum from those who will never commit a mass killing, to those who will commit a mass killing.

    Distribute the population very heavily toward the "never" side with a very long tail that goes out to the "will" side. Assume this has been the population distribution since Homo sapiens began walking the earth.

    Think of violent media of all forms as shifting the curve very slightly toward the "will" side of the distribution....the more immersive and enjoyable the further the shift...but even at its most impactful this is a very slight effect. The vast majority of us will never ever engage in a mass killing no matter what, and some of us will, even without this additional impetus, but a very very small portion of the population who wouldn't have otherwise engaged in a killing spree might choose to because they exposed themselves to hours of immersive online violent video gaming.

    I made all that up, but it's a model for me to think about how violent media effects my three teenage boys from a parenting perspective.

    It's irrelevant in a public policy sense....Elvis has long since left the building in terms of regulating violent media of all sorts.

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  • Didn't read the rest of this thread so SIAP. Listening to NPR and they had on someone that was really far to the left, i (that's coming front someone that considers themselves center-center) addition to someone with extremely conservative views, their names escape me unfortunately. And the lefty considered the link between gun violence and video games to be a complete myth. He referenced a study that showed the 5 nations with the highest ownership of first person shooter games had very little gun crime when compared to other nations. The only exception was the United States and that's because the proliferation and ease of access to guns when compared to other video gaming nations like Canada and Japan. It's not video games, its wasn't rock and roll or tv/movies. It's psychos with a screw loose who just have to go through a few simple steps to obtain a high power, high capacity weapon.

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  • Honestly, I think there is a link. Obviously it affects the more unstable more than others, but I've even caught myself having mood changes, getting angry easier, etc. after playing for too long. That's when I decide to quit.

    And you can tell when you hear the people that chat on there during matches. There are some people that need to just chill out. Not surprisingly, they are also those that have logged the most time in the game.

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