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This is your pulpit to preach to the masses about everything from politics to religion

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Why Romney Lost

  • Most of you cats know I'm a Romney supporter. That being said...if he loses, I hope Santorum is the one to beat him. As long as it's not Gingrich or Paul, that's fine with me.

    Here is the analysis:

    Perfect storm...

    There is a huge difference between a caucus and a general primary.

    Romney was foolish to assume past success guaranteed current success.

    Three major issues emerged in the past two weeks that Romney basically ignored:

    (1) Obama's frontal assault on the Catholic church
    (2) the Komen Foundation's bizarre conflict with Planned Parenthood
    (3) the 9th circuit's ruling on gay marriage

    Romney, in as much as he even acknowledged any of these three issues, was pathetic on all three. Which is why Santorum won in MO,MN and CO. That being said...once again please understand the difference between a caucus and a general primary.

    Romney seems to believe that given his superior ground operation in every state, combined with his phenomenal money raising, he can run a primary race where he wins by default in the long term.

    Santorum just outed him.

    High time for Mitt to get knee deep in these issues.

    But he finds himself in a Catch-22 because of his solid, excellent preparation:

    While he tries to make his candidacy seem as a foregone conclusion by not getting in the gutter (directly, at least), he's not addressing issues that are of major import to GOP primary voters.

    But his opponents do take on these issues. And as they rise in the polls against him, Romney uses his financial strength to pound them into dust. Which kills his favorability numbers with the larger voting populace.

    Romney can easily survive the losses in MO, MN and CO. But unless he starts to address the three issues I mentioned above, Santorum will ultimately beat him.

    Should that happen, I'm more than willing to support Santorum as he's much more closely aligned to my personal beliefs. I just happen to believe that Romney is the right man at this particular point in history to beat the incumbent.

  • The "new money" makes your scenario much more likely. In the old days (pre-citizens united) traditional money would have never backed Santorum. Santorum lost his last re-election campaign by 18% and he was the incumbant. In the old days a number like that would send people running to other candidates. Especially since Santorum's seat was in the critical state of PA. But the new money means Santorum who has never been a great traditional fundraiser can get a few billionaire types and he is on his way.

  • Obama had a vision.

    What he actually did inatead if the vision is become Dubya II with the Tea Party protesting instead of Cindy Sheehan.

    Romney could've beaten Obama in 2008 but the evangelicals derailed it and now there is no point in Romney except out of spite for Obama.

    The alternative is a do as I legislate not as I do Gingrich. Plus Obama totally wasted Obama and some other brown people.

    Obama will win again, four years of bitching about him and there's less of a chance to unseat him than Kerry had for Bush .

    In walks Santorum. LOVE at first sight lol

  • Narwhal

    No, its a major importance to priest, preachers, snake charmers etc, Studies show that the majority of the population agree w contraception being provided by all employers. The GOP only cares if it helps their case against BHO's reelection.

    Thank you catholic church for focusing on the real problems of the day.

    Oh btw here's a little piece for the church to noodle - contraception = less abortions

    Teen pregnancy, abortion rates at reco

    CHICAGO (Reuters) - Birth and abortion rates among U.S. teens fell to record lows in 2008 as increased use of contraceptives sent the overall teen pregnancy rate to its lowest level since at least 1972,
  • I think you're right that the Santorum campaign was handed a holy trinity of a gay marriage ruling, a political fight over contraception, and the Komen Foundation bringing abortion into a national spotlight. If you're Rick Santorum, it's hard to imagine a better set of headlines. Romney did little with them, but he's basically been campaigning on economic grounds (and wisely so) and didn't stray from his message. The campaign had effectively taken out Gingrich as a realistic rival only to see that not-Mitt pop up with Santorum in a way that's not exactly sustainable for Santorum. Romney has work to do - hone his non-economic message and begin taking apart Santorum would be the top two on his list.

    From the Obama campaign perspective, a pro-gay marriage ruling lines up well with his base and with an increasingly ambivalent independent center on the issue. Outside of the Christian right, it's a non-issue and Obama will never draw a vote from that group anyway. The Komen issue and the fight with the Catholic Church, in my view, also play into a useful narrative for the Obama campaign who does well with women voters. Standing up to the Catholic Church on contraception will be viewed positively by the voters he needs in November. Those who see this as a dangerous assault on religious liberty aren't exactly likely Obama voters to begin with. It's a difficult ruling and we'll see compromise, but the backlash against Komen timed well for Obama to take a stand for women's reproductive rights.

    Santorum had a great week; Obama had a good week; and Romney, well, he knows the race is about who is standing at the end. This is where a well-organized and well-funded campaign matters.....

    This post was edited by Heathens 87 2 years ago

    "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." --Gandhi

  • funny how KP is so concerned about the government defying the Catholic Church and not allowing them to set governmental policies and yet he is hiding under his bed scared of Sharia Law being allowed to be taken into consideration in policy or judicial decisions.

    "If you have the right to be offended I have the right to offend you." - Ricky Gervais

  • Full frontal attack on the Catholic Church is even over the top for KP.

    Guess he been too bsy going to Ron Paul and Librtarian meetings to notice 27 states have had that "full frontal attack" as law for nearly a decade.

  • I go to Libertarian meetings. I never see KP there. He is not smart enough to understand what it is to be a LIbertarian.